My MASTER1 Melanin Messiah Mission + Media Mental Models = Militia Meta-Musical Mediums = Cosmetic Coloration Complexions + Son of SUNGODD’S Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening Arising Aboriginal Africoidians, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

MELANETRIX + MELAN-MULTI-MIX: Equals = melanin + multi + mix. = Melanin  Mix + Multiplicity; means many mutated melanin members, multimillion membrane mixtures. Molecule molding, mingling, mating, marrying, mixing = M1.M2.M3


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Melanetrix or Melaninetrix: Defines that there is a melanin making net. A molecular mechanism that catches, or receives rays of the SOLAR SUN = animation2.gifSUNGODD DEITY. A combustible cosmic chemical RAYZIAL reaction – radiant reality. Amen-RA RAYZ!

These terrestrial   tissue tones, territorial tans – tints, that are material matter manifested in the biological bodily beings, reveals radiance upon the humans surface or superficial flesh formulations. They are the truest reflections of these transitioning, transforming, transfigurations = cosmetic chemical creations!

CHANNEL + CONDUIT: Children’s Cyber-College Curricular Cosmic Computer ColorComplex. Read more:

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Coded Color Complex = Codified ColorComPlexTrix. Channeled Coloration complexions of cosmetic skin pigmentation. These colorized codes are so complex, until nobody, can correctly count, calculate, in terms of mathematical numbers, these diverse dimensions, domains. On going green grassroots grounds growth and Divinely Decreed Development!

I fully understand that by: Amassing affluent amounts of money without having meaningful and mindful purposed plans; to artfully apply it, is in and of itself mismanaging money. And that’s the main reason why we have individuals, private persons slothfully sitting upon financial funds that should be circulating, and put to positive productions!   

They selfishly sit their sorry asinine asses on land and real-estate properties producing nothing of true values and worth. Just simply so they can boast and brag all about what they own and how much it costs. Pretentious phony prestigious prices = 3$$

I foresee a massive monetary market meltdown! The old-rules can no longer be artfully applied. The guilty grownups gutsy gambling games are gone and done away with. And new rules are actualized appropriately – accountable and accordingly!

‘Those who were last and least, are the ones first and foremost of all others; and those who were at first valued to the most, are now the least and devalued last’!

Those who were locked out, can come into their own in. The closed doors are optimally open, for new comers, who’re cultured clean and completely cured of criminal corruption!
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, has no confusing chaotic complexities, that hasn’t been broken back down to their simplest art forms. As elementary easy as 1-2-4, a-b-c.

I completely comprehend that a lots of things that has never happened before, are about to happen in year 2015. The juicy jackpot is now the jokers jukebox. Jungles of injurious injustices – injuries!
Purposely Prepared Planed Professional Portfolio: = Personalized + Privatized + Prioritized. Picturesque  portrayals – photographic presentations. Producing pure potency powered profitability; Principal project protection.
Our owned grassroots groundbreaking discovery. Bright brilliant brainpower.  As artistic advantages and anointed artworks advances. Accurately ascertained and artfully acclaimed approaches and applications.
All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Africoidians Ascension, namely native-natural Negroidians,  as early EARTHORS of planetary sphere EARTH. We were continentally confined, concentrated citizenry, collective community-communion cells + civilized conditions. Thus through time, thus indeed did divide, spit, segregate, separate societal sections – segments into strategic set stages. Multitudes made mutated melanin member membranes. Deverging or ani%20galaxyani.gifdiversifying DNA & RNA, actualizing addmixtures, and aggregation, amalgamation, assimilation, acumination, acclamation = availing and accelerating and ascending Africanized artful attributes!.
BUTT BLESSED GENESIS GENIUS: Generating DNA color codes, complex crystals, clear components, clarified classifications + cleansed cultured categories = creating complimentary carbon copies.


PHANTOM-PHYSICS-1: Pure Potency Powers. Plus+ purposely purified production of public peopled planetary populations. I’m talking about a person’s psychological perspectives + physiological positions. How humans stand strong, staunchly straight and sanely – soundly – sensibly sober. Name: Z-BLACKRAYZ Phantom Physics OriginatOrgOne1  URL:

anima%20erthmoon02.gifCopycatted CaucAsian Caucasoidians and mutated Mongoloidians. And after which positive productive process; perhaps, many millenniums, there is a reversal. A retuning to its original states of being biological bodies. Creative Evolution, becoming stationary at a stand still, neutron-neutral zone, then coming back together. Stronger standing strains. Artfully formulating unique individual persons = Per-suns. Revolutionary Actionary Arthiests!!  Creative Evolution1 MP3 1


CHRIYST-LIKELY-EN: “Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory” “Christ Is All, And Is In All”: = Yes y’all, this truly means We’s & Us’s, holistic healthy Humanoidians, = HueMains of Humanity = HueMainity and Humankind = HueMainKind.  +

Chriyst-Likeness; corresponds correct concordance and consummately comprises, collective citizenry’s cosmetic coloration complexions. Citywide – countywide – countrywide, crisscross-continentals. Covering and coloring and compassing completely, the contextual contents of our originating character. Consciously and conscientiously counted and calculated. Co-creating cosmic creativity, chemistry and concurrent circuitry!

We then I pray tell yawls, who is the person-man who we often say by the name, “Jesus” and supposed to be THE CHRIYST? HE is HEATXZ = Hades hell hot heated hydrogen and helium. Highest Holy Heavens, helping harm and hurt and heal holistic humans. Basic biological bodily beings, better beneficially baby born blessed bloodlines; bestowed birthrights!

Colin Kaepernick, decided to take a tall and tough stand against injustices, herein, the devilish divided dis-United States For America’s Aryan-Ashkenazim-Anglo-Americans. Always acting Afrophobic and Afriphobic, as asinine a–s–s arrogant aggressors, angry antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Anti-Aboriginal Africoidians, also, alleged and assumed, ‘Afro-African Americans’. America’s & Africa’s ascendants. Advancing – accelling and availing; All Alpha-Alkebulan-AfricAspora and AmericAfricAspora! +

Furthermore, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, invoked the ChriystLikelyen Cross-Cruxz, commonly called “crucifix”. Yes y’all, it’s our originality and creativity. Authentically authorized artworks, appointed ancient ancestry and anointed artistry. And those terming themselves the “Christians” or “Christianity”; corrupted it and criminalized citizens carrying crosses. 

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, arrives and simply take it back where it belongs; with wexz and usxz. Righteously restoring and reinstating the rare – rich  royalties and rendered raw resources, as, Sacred Spiritual Symbols.  

Surely saving Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, safely securing stock shares and societal Salvation. = Success stories!

Likewise so many millions more, mindful, melaninated minority – majority members, Colin Kaepernick, seeks some sound – sane – sensible satisfaction and savings grace. He, like myself, is an A+ Solemn Son of SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY.  via

WE’S & US’S: Divinely Decree and Duly Dutifully Demand + Courageously Commands; JUSTICE & JUDGMENT = JESUSTICE-1 {Jurisdictions – Jurisprudence Juxtapose “Jesus”}

Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1. 

Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2014 017

MY MASTER MIND MELANIN MESSIAH MISSION: The initiating, originating DNA, doubled itself in dual dimensions. Diverse domains, showing itself sunshine sensations sublime. A thoroughly mixed and mingled MALANETRIX!
Approx. about a Musical Metaphysical Medium, Melanated Media Middle-C Scale Brown, surface skin coloration cosmetic complexion. Dynamic “Deoxyribonucleic acid”; bio-body-balance!! In plain-o-simple English language words of wealthier wisdom, not too dark and not too light, nor too black, nor too white, nether too toned, nether too tinted Equals = just right!
  Human Heredity, Holistory Heritage Health:
“Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule encoding the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms…DNA is well-suited for biological information storage, since the DNA backbone is resistant to cleavage and the double-stranded structure provides the molecule with a built-in duplicate of the encoded information.”

All of the sceemin’ and deemin’ and dreamin’ won’t work well whatsoever; with wealth! The bottom-line is being broke and badly bankrupt!

ChriystLikelyen Churcharity vs Christian Church!! 

COSMIC CREATOR’S: Correspondence cognizance co-creating compassionate caring concerns, collective communions, cyber-cosmic creative chemistry. Conclusively churcheerful, churcharish collective citizenry. Courageous commission calling causes, conceptual Chriystory _ Christory = cataloging CHRIST JESUSTICE1 JUDGMENT JUSTICE!!!

Correctly called Chriystology – Chrystologist: Sincerely studying subjects strictly – specific story, all about the truest human history – happenings, Adding an allegory as assumed and alleged activities – actualities. Yet never truly occurred until today, manifesting material matter, My Master Mind Melanin Messiah. A self-fulfilling prophecy-prophesy positively projected – perfected! +


YES Y’all, We’s & Us’s are all Americans and Africans Alive. Accurately ascertained, acknowledged and accepted Aboriginal Attributes. Advancing All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and Africaspora + AmericAfricAspora!

My Master Mind Melanin Messiah’s multiplex melaninated minority – majority members making more millions mixtures, mass media mental models. Meaningful material matter!

Better beneficially baby born births, blessed by being bio-bodily beauteous basic brown; bluish – blackish, reddish – yellowish, whitish – pinkish pale pigmented persons. Planetary public people’s prolific procreating populations!

Cosmetic Coloration Complexions: Superficial surface skin shades + sunshine sheen. Terrestrial – territorial tissue tones – tans – tints. True talents, teaching timetables terminology; thus telling the total truths 100%+ positive proofs = Promocratics!

All Human Lives Matter of mankind, womankind and humankind. Humanity’s Holistory Heritage Health + holistic healing historic Humanoids. The Lights & Darks!!

Holistory Heritage Health + Hue-Main-Kind-Right-Law!!! tly reporting racialists – “racist” religious radicals, whosoever, they might be. I’m on nobody’s side other than the Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How hypnotic human hatred has historical harmed-hurt holistic healthy humanity-humankind!D

CIVICENTRAL: Civic Central Communication Channels Commands

Collective Citizenry Controls; Co-created community consciousness, circulating invaluable information. Coming from a centric-circle of clean cultured comrades. 

Categorically classified Caucasian Caucasoid-ian citizens, doing away with “white” ; “white people” and “black people”, “black Americans and white Americans; adversely attached adjectives as affectations and aberrations. This is a civic cure to color coded curses, constantly criminalizing Citizen of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions, specifically and strictly superficial surface skin shades, sunshine sheen.

How so ever, if and or when a “nonwhite” Citizen of Color of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry, decides, consciously chooses, to call themselves; “blacks”, or “Niggas”; “Niggers”; Negroes – Negroidians, then that’s their terminology. Butt, it shall never justify those terming themselves,  “Whites” in using this longstanding language, of hate-history!

We’s & Us’s wantonly wish to call our own-selves is one thing, and what westernized world WhitTie whip Cracker Caucrazian Caucasoidian citizens commonly call themselves is another thing. And it do not necessarily need to mean much of anything, when they hire as employees, commonly called “coons”; Coloreds to concede-comply cowardly; to “The Black Codes” criminalizing color-coded curses!

The Sociopath Slavers, Caucasian Captors, coined these tong twisted terms, and stamped his stereotyping stigmas; upon entrapped and enslaved Aboriginal Africoidians, and Afro-African Americans!

Therefore, Americanized Europeans, are restricted and rightly restrained from referring to melaninated minority-majority members as “black people”; “Black Americans”. Ojectionably – obscenely – offensively out of our originating Native Natural Names = NATINDIANS, Amerindians – Afrindians – Am-e-ri-cans, Afrasians – Africarabians, and as I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1


BLACKLAN Blacklisted bandits beware: “Since 2008 Black Talk Media Project which created the Black Talk Radio Network has not only engaged (terroristic threat tough talks-thinking) original content from a (Blackout) Black perspective for the Black (grownup ghetto gangster groupies) global community but has also instructed others (naive gullible “nonwhites”) on how to do (devilishly demonic destructive damages) the same in fulfilling it core (mad men militant) mission of helping to uplift (ugly-unruly-unlawful, indecent insurgency) independent Black (vicious violent) voices using (negative Nationalist Negro – N..word) new media (terrorist tactical) tools. You can help us (BlacKlan bandits) to continue our (Muslim-Mohammedan militancy) mission and help (hurt-harm humanity-humankind) more (melanin members as People of Color criminalized) by donating (deceptive dollars to this terrorist think tank bogus blackened broadcast) Black Talk Media Project 2015 Fundraiser and asking others (of the “Black Race”) to do (demonic deceit) the same (surreptitious satanic unwise way). Let us work (wickedness) together and make (militarized mindsets) 2015 a (Black Supremacist-sexist – sadist – satanist) stronger year for independent (insurrections). Black media (man men’s mentality) Righteously reveals + reports: Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via JESUSTICE1 JUDGMENT JUSTICE!!!


Better Benefit Blessings Beauteously Bestowed: I with wisdom want We’s & Us’s hard earned money to come back in big bucks to those intelligently investing interests; into COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts’s Compass Bank Safe-Secure System. Donate dollars, Divinely Decreed Deliberated. Generating great gifts of grace, Genesis Genius gainful grassroots green growths. First Financial Funds Fortified Foundation = $$$ Our optimal opulence, trustworthy wealthiest trusts! – –

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Thank You For Faithfully Serving CK-NWCA.
Our Primary Purpose Is To Unify Humanity!


YES: That’s the ultimate price paid and punitive penalty, for foolishly, building a negative nation and criminal country, upon the backs of slaves – slaved souls, =  entrapped – enslaved economy, of financially free labors. For 400 years; herein, the USA!

All affluence accumulated, Aryan-Anglo-Americans, are having to loose it all. As a mandatory must! Due to the reality of fact, that none of them honestly earned their richness, nor did so sanely and humanely. They each took the advantage of others; People of Color, who were being oppressed – repressed – depressed, while “Whites”; capitalized on the multimillionaires money making markets = $$$
Even the so sadly said; billionaires are destined to loose every U.S dollar, in capital cash currency; herein, the USA. Nobody, escapes JESUSTICE1 Justice Judgment!!!

We will as all Americans, start over from scratch. On the grassroots grounds green gainful growths. There’s no such thing as recovery – recuperating – rebalancing – rebounding!
Misguiding managers, misleading manufactured manipulated markets. Manicured marketplaces – mistaken mindsets. Therefore, all allocated assets, are affected awfully. Offensively out of order!
Politically propped profitability productions; Untrustworthy untruthful treacherous trickster traders! Back-stabbing bondsmen, bogus betraying brokers!

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, cuts costs, all adverse arrangements,   greedy-gambling-gluttons; ousts-out offending opponents, of our optimized options + official objectives.  No middle-men and wicked witch-women; to systemically – systemically steal stock shares. Surely, securely are Sacred Spiritious Symbols Sanctuary = Safely saved stockpiles!

They have a treacherous track record, notoriously known to cheat clients, naïve – gullible investors. Therefore let us no longer deal with them, trusting our life’s saving to the underhanded death dealers of indebted – degenerated – deflated dollars.


Check out:

ARTHIEST, is an artist actionary, who artfully arranges things, draws, and paints portrait pictures. Doing so uniquely, creatively, imaginatively, foremost firstly = originality.

GeneRayziation Geographies: Means by definitions; generations of geographical groups of human bio-bodily beings. According to how the Grandly Great GENERATOR, gave planetary people their terrestrial traits + territorial tissue tones – tans – tints.
As a direct and indirect Rayzial radiance realized results; genetic gifts of grace generated across geographic land masses. Commonly called cross countries – compassing continents. This progeny prodigy producing process = pure potency powered; PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1.

-Coloured-family Cape Town, Kimberley - Pretoria Africa

YES: “In Southern Africa, the term Coloureds (also known as Bruinmense, Kleurlinge or Bruine Afrikaners in Afrikaans) refers to a racially heterogeneous ethnic group who possess ancestry from Europe, Asia, and various Khoisan and Bantu tribes of Southern Africa.[2] Besides the extensive combining of these diverse heritages in the Western Cape — in which a distinctive Cape Coloured and affiliated Cape Malay culture developed — in other parts of Southern Africa, their development has usually been the result of the meeting of two distinct groups. Genetic studies suggest the group has the highest levels of mixed ancestry in the world.

butt72ani butterflyanima beating_heart_2

BUTT: However, the maternal (female) contribution to the Coloured population, measured by mitochondrial DNA studies, was found to come mostly from the Khoisan population.”

Next notes….

Malcolm_X_“The Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) was a Pan-Africanist organization founded by Malcolm X in 1964. The OAAU was modeled on the Organisation of African Unity, which had impressed Malcolm X during his visit to Africa in April and May 1964. The purpose of the OAAU was to fight for the human rights of African Americans and promote cooperation among Africans and people of African descent in the Americas.”

“On July 17, 1964, Malcolm X was welcomed to the second meeting of the Organization of African Unity in Cairo as a representative of the OAAU.

When a reporter asked whether white people could join the OAAU, Malcolm X said, “Definitely not.” Then he added, “If John Brown were still alive, we might accept him.”“

“We appreciate the fact that when the people involved have real equality and justice, ethnic intermingling can be beneficial to all. We must denounce, however, all people who are oppressive through their policies or actions and who are lacking in justice in their dealings with other people, whether the injustices proceed from power, class, or “race.” We must be unified in order to be protected from abuse or misuse.” (Min. Mr. Malcolm-X Little Shabazz Big Red 1964-65)

Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2014 019“The term “negro” developed from a word in the Spanish language which is actually an adjective (describing word) meaning “black,” that is, the color black. In plain English, if someone said or was called a “black” or a “dark,” even a young child would very naturally question: “a black what?” or “a dark what?” because adjectives do not name, they describe. Please take note that in order to make use of this mechanism, a word was transferred from another language and deceptively changed in function from an adjective to a noun, which is a naming word. Its application in the nominative (naming) sense was intentionally used to portray persons in a position of objects or “things.” It stamps the article as being “all alike and all the same.” It denotes: a “darkie,” a slave, a subhuman, an ex-slave, a “negro.”“

“The civil rights bill is a similarly misleading, misinterpreted document of legislation. The premise of its design and application is not respectable in the eyes of men who recognize what personal freedom involves and entails. Afro-Americans must answer this question for themselves: What makes this special bill necessary? The only document that is in order and deserved with regard to the acts perpetuated through slavery and oppression prolonged to this day is a Declaration of condemnation. And the only legislation worthy of consideration or endorsement by Afro-Americans, the victims of these tragic institutions, is a Proclamation of Restitution. We Afro-Americans must keep these facts ever in mind.”


Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes

DAYLIGHT + NIGHT DARK + BLACK & WHITE & GRAY: Of our Original Creative Evolution-Revolution of Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes. Via the Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR’S Son of SUNGOD’S Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening. Brilliant bright brains sparkling serenely in shining view of Love Life Light Locks!!!

Albeit Protecting The Innocent at all times, may I never forget to remind y’all  first and foremost, that there is about a 10% to 12% Rare-Rich-Royal few, in heart-mind, spirit and soul. Those who I proudly named to be our Good GREAT WHITE HOPE ABOLITIONIST Minded Men & Women. Roasting hot turkeys to kindly share with Afrindians! Smile.

Nevertheless: on the other hostile hateful human hand, approx. about 88% to 90% are acutally indecent, blatant bad, no good wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker criminal CauCrazians vs clean cultured Caucasian Butt beauty red ass lovely ladyCaucasoidians!

Some were snitches and spies and anima beating_heart_2whistle blowers, butt, became unemployable. The wicked word went out against them to other Major Mainstream Media, news papers, TV and radio stations, not to rehire them. Because they refuse to acquiesce and submit to censorship compliantly! And would rather fight fearlessly for free speech rights. MP3

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CustomInk: “Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqué. With digital printing, we take your design straight from the computer and print it directly onto your garment. We’ve got this method down to an art form, which means that even photographic images can be reproduced in all their glorious detail.” In the beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas. HOME:

Multiplex Rayzial - Racial Obama -_mixed race family….

I’m correctly confident: Therefore, yawls should surely see, how that I command my Freedom of Artistic Expression, in spite, of what others think about it or believe; adversely.  This is not some civil rights granted by legilatives laws, butt, are my innate, inborn HUEMAINRAYZ RIGHTEOUSNESS!!

As opposed to some silly-senseless bioongical bodily being:”RACE”!


YES: There is no letting up on the persistent protesters. Those American citizens; of each-every Ethnicity, who are sick and tired and fed up with the entire evil Eu-Rope-an empire. They intend to stop the Slavers  Satanic Sociopath System and sink it successfully. Seeing it submerged!

The demonstrators are marching on Washington, DC, Capitol Hill. Demanding that the Oval Office of the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, force the prejudice Patty police and crazy CauCrazian criminal cops, from further violating the Human Rights and Civil Rights of Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Amerindians – Afrasians and as; I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
Nevertheless, there’re those thinking that this is going to simply just blow over, and die out sooner or later. Butt, this is it, and the happy Honky dory go lucky lackluster leaders, are actually lost losers. Not realizing that today, a compelling cosmic creative chemistry and conscientious circuitry of circumstances and concurrent civic conditions, are consummately cognizant, commanding complete climatic charged changes!!!
The Boastful Banking Bully Boys & Big Brother’s bottom-baseline, is being bankrupt broken back down to the; national nitty gritty grassroots grounds of gangrene grotesque growths!
TRULY: The biggest business will not be as usual; butt, unusual. Certain citizens blatantly blocked off from reaching their jobs, employment enterprises. They aren’t able to even enter the building being burned, bombarded by renegade rouge revolutionary rebels. They’re trying to strangle and choke the barbaric behaving beast, they same way that it did them; as helpless and defenseless Africans in America! (“This is not a white and black problem!’) This all about how humans are being held hostages, inside Hades hell holes of hideously hostile hatred of holistically healthy humanoids:

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg image

 Welcome + Invited Aboard: Exclusively exquisite: Those Caucasoid Caucasian citizens who are deemed decent good Whites of common sensibilites. Humanely having a lesser frozen, calcified and or dysfunctioning-defective PINEAL GLAND. Better beneficially blessed to be enabled to use, artfully apply abilities naturally, and more capable in brain use of “Third Eye” Sublime Spirituality generator of hromonal MELANIN.

These portrayed facts-proofs-evidents-truths are made public by my True-Up-U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog, because I have learned to no longer “give a rat’s ass”…not a Good GODSUN DEVIL Damned about… not to care about what psychopath-sociopath freaking racist white males think-believe or say about me and what I am free at liberty to write.

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SEE CRYSTAL CLEAR: This is an inner vision of prayer, spiritual strength developed over an extended period of time through persevering experiences. And the persistent exercising my U.S. Constitutional First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech and of artistic expression. In spite, and regardless of whether or not they like it, hate it or love it.

And anyone of them who tries to stop me, obstruct justice, slyly sabotage progress, censor and or hinder my course commission calling cause; are automatically Divinely Decreed Cursed, instead of being Blessed!!! And their family members and love ones too!!!

Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2014 024BUTT BIG BLAC-KEYS QUESTIONS: How does one “love their black skin”; when, in truth their skin is brown and absolutely never been black? Y’all see how some of our leaders are actually misleaders? In factual and actual reality; MY PEOPLE of coloration cosmetic complexions, comes cultured clean collectively: blue-blacks, browns, redbones – high yellows; as the Butt baby blue jeansmajor or majority melaninated membrane members. Plus + pearly pale pink pigmented persons artificially appearing Albinoriginal white or WHY-ITE.

Our only minority members.  Adding Africoidian Aboriginals + Native natural Negroidians; Deep Darks & Lilly Lights; skin shades, tissue tones – tans – tints, telling the total truth 100%+ positive proved photon proofed!

Next notes…

an%20money%20100rotate_e0.gifMy Master Mind Money Markets + Monetary Merchant Means; Manufacturing Material Mechanisms – Methods x Militarized Messiah Mindsets + Mental Models.

Z-BLACKRAYZ Roadways Rare Rich Royal Resources = realized radiance. Resounding, reverberating radiance rays. Returning royalties + riches = $$$ Instead of the bad business branding; “Black Wall Street”. Copycat, monkey see monkey do, parakeet repeat after me, Pollyanna want a whip Cracker CauCrazian capitalist – colonialist – corporatist continental country!

Rare1 Rich2 Royalty3:

-Institute_for_Colored_YouthYES: Americas Africoidian People of Color: “Founded as the African Institute, the school was soon renamed the Institute for Colored Youth. “The Institute for Colored Youth was founded in 1837 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. After moving to Delaware County, Pennsylvania and changing its name to Cheyney University, it continues as the oldest African American school of higher education, although degrees were not granted by Cheyney until 1913.”

Sympathizers supporting: “Al Qaeda Operatives” and “Boko Haram: Africa’s Homegrown Terror Network”. Advocating adversely; “kill whitey”; “kill cops”, to our impressionable teenage youths. Teach them these terrorist tactical thoughts, treasonous thug thinking. Under the deceptive disguises of “Black Unity”; “Black Liberation Army”; “Black Power”; “Black Muslims”- Mohammedan militant mad men!

Not – no – not “black on black crimes” but, BlacKlan on African-American crimes committed. Vicious violence, active assaults and attacks, happening on a daily basis, by boastful, bragging big belly bully BlacKlanologists. Sadists – sexists – supremacists – satanists. Inciting – inspiring inappropriate bad beastly barbaric behaviors. “Cold cases”: Drive-by shootings, murdering many melaninated members, Persons of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions; then, blaming those terming themselves: “Whites”; or Euro-Anglo-Americans. Just as the Department of Justice investigate the Police Stations, city-county cops in Ferguson, Mo. by the very same black token spoke, they are respectfully required-requested likewise; those terrorist threats blacklisted herein, this  report – revelation!

Ecoenergystics_colorEcoEnergystics_color-neg image

EcoEnergystics Exchange: replacing “Stock Exchange“ Easily executing existing ecology + economy = elevated efficiency – enhanced efforts x excelled entity energies!

“After ordering your copy of MONEY: MASTER THE GAME you will receive an email with access to Tony’s exclusive Fast Track bonus video series and your instant download of the first chapter.”
“Anthony Robbins is a catalyst for change and a strategist for success. He creates change in minutes, when normally it couldn’t be accomplished in years.”

“Get an Almost Free Copy of Tony Robbins’ New Book, Money: Master the Game”


Solar Sungodd Deity1 | Photos and Images | Digital Art

Solar Sungodd Deity1

Direct Link:

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: Is indubitably, a cosmic creative conscious controller; Courageous Commander Chief of compassionate comforts, clean cultured, compass capital cash currencies. Collective career commission calling cause, complete corrective clinical cure!

Devilish Demonic Devolving Deep Depression Diagnosis; ‘Manic Depressive Psychosis’; Predatory politician-physicians prejudicial prognosis; Holding humans hostage inside a hateful hypnosis; Tactical terrorist treacherous tricksters thrombosis; Oceanic oncoming osmosis.__ 
SUNGODD DEITY; Truly trumps their terrifying terrorizing “God” of the alleged and assumed: “Holy Bible” “Old & New Testament”!!

Tomfoolery: Their foolish faith is a bogus belief, based upon who or what one chooses to believe; without any positive proofs. Expressly, in a religious rationalized reasoning.. Butt better beneficially bestowed blessed, by being an avid Bible reader and researcher, over my life’s time, I have happily concluded that I personally don’t KNOW, and never KNEW, who their make believe “God”; nor Who & What “He” is?

HEATXZ: Howsoever to me means helium + hydrogen., a creative cosmic chemistry and combustible circuitry. That’s concurrently charged cycles causing climatic changes!
SOLARSUN: Simpler so said; Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul, Server + Savior. Spirit Source Science System’s Sciessence Systream. A strictly specific scientific study, stopping spooky superstitions!!

In other wealthy words within world’s witty wisdom, we’re are to keep our full focus on optically optimized objectives; operating our organic organizations + organisms. Seeking sure Solar-Sun systems, sunshine to run and energize engines. Heat homes – housing, businesses – companies – corporations, as a primary potency powered Phantom-Phatom-Physics!
YES: Y’all now know that SOLARSUN, is our Solar System’s one and only Server & Savior. Thus to stop-point-blank-period, politically plaguing + poisoning and polluting the public people’s planetary populations. Primary Principality Protection Planet Mother Nature Earth!!!

Moreover, their imaginary, fictitious, fairy tale, folklore fallacy; man-made “God”; doesn’t even exist, only inside their manufactured mindsets. And can’t Co-Create nor Generate Genesis Genius, Gracious Gifts as The Grandly Great GENERATOR!!!

I’ve imagined and envisioned energy entities, every evolving, expanding exponentially. “Almighty Lord God”; that supposed to be above all other gods, to my Master Mind Melanin Messiah, means; ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!
I remove the singled – separated – segregated saying; “God” and attached it back into ancient ancestral Aboriginal Africoidians,  All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. Correctly combined-compounded composition: SUNGODD DEITY, Divine Decreed Disc – Deified Dimensional Domain.
Officially our originating optical observation; Omnipresent ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE1 = ORGIGINATOR.

Originat-Org-One_color 1500Originat-Org-One_color neg image 1500

Our Optimized ORIGNAT-ORG-ONE-1: COMPASS Clean Cultured Capital Cash Currency. Intellectual Intelligent Investment Interests; intentionally internalized. Your better bestowed beneficiary; the best bounteous blessed bank!

CK-NWCA is gainfully gallantly growing; Solar Sexus Soul souring, Sacred success seeds sowing; I’m adding more money making methods mowing; Plus+ profitability products prolifically pouring; Insured income imploring; Never the customer clients ignoring; Nor bad beliefs of bias bigots broadcast boring.__Butt a better bargain with wealthier benefits blowing, Forthcoming financial funds faithfully flowing.__
The USA don’t have ten years to procrastinate; This is the time to tell the total truth 100%+ today’s date; It is financially far too late; Fully feasible for fools fatal fate; Throwing up the faulty funded foods that they always ate; And now requires a short-termed trait; And no bad banking bogus bargain bait; The “racist” reasons rationalized ratio-rate; Deceptive devils and demons debate; Holding healthy human hostages inside Hades hell hole hate; While western world wizards never wait; To stockpile profits upon their politicized platter-plate.__
“America is growing at about 2% to 3% per annum now.” Bad investments; however, Aryan-Anglo-America’s private prisons and jails are growing much faster. And Americans are unwisely investing into the entrapment and enslavement of other Ethnicity!
“But even though the American economy is only growing 2%, there are some parts of our economy that re really growing ute fast. So obviously you want to be attracted to them too.” ((Chuck Swab)

YES: Y’all now know how that these traitorous treasonous treacherous tricksters, thug tyrants, tycoons, tells truths intertwined with untruths. Never revealing what they truly know is going on and currently happening. The USA, Supremacy Superiority Sociopath Slavers ship is surely sinking, and therefore, desperation and destitution develops, as the U.S. Dollars devolves and demonically dies!
“RACISM” & TERRORISM: The United States of America’s Prison Complex industry investment interests. In gross violations of International Laws and human rights. Inclusively, obstructing justice nationally. Attempting to stop; JESUSTICE1 Justice Judgment!!!

Therefore consequently coming, compelling circumstances. Thus the overall in general and aggregate American economy, as a mandated must, be forced to fatally fail and financially finally fall. “Babylon The Great, is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

A militarized police state, of citizenry containment controls, basically because, they failed foolishly to control themselves. FEMA camps, compounds, corals, correctional centers, continental cages, Crooked city-county cops catching corrupt citizens; commonly called criminals. Yet they themselves are criminal Captors, CauCrazians criminalizing captives!
Predatory Policymakers and Lawmakers; imposing penalties upon the public people’s planetary populations. To pay for the trillions of US dollar debts, that they themselves co-created. By radically raising the cost of living, to extremely excessive expenses!

Now that they have divided Americans; into a; “black and white” separation, societal segregation. The predatory politicians + pirate-profiteers, can practice their parasitic policies, producing private prisons!

Colored - White drinking fountain 2When did COLOREDS become “Blacks”?

People of Color of Africa’s Ascent: “Greenwood is a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As one of the most successful and wealthiest African American communities in the United States during the early 20th Century, it was popularly known as America’s “Black Wall Street” until the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. The riot was one of the most devastating race riots in history and it destroyed the once thriving Greenwood community.”

And I say that this black branding is not necessarily true! And yes, Africans are Americans!

Colore - White water fountainWHITE …. & …. COLORED!! Where is “BLACK”?

TRUER: “During the oil boom of the 1910s, the area of northeast Oklahoma around Tulsa flourished, including the Greenwood neighborhood, which came to be known as “the Negro Wall Street” (now commonly referred to as “the Black Wall Street”). The area was home to several prominent black businessmen, many of them multimillionaires.”

“People seem to have confidence in us.” “We try to treat everyone with the sense that we are trustworthy and we need to take care of their asset in a very cautious way.” (Charles Shawab via Tony Robbins)
Under-priced vs overpriced; COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, can’t come crashing down in U.S. Dollars values = $$$ Couldn’t collapse in commercialized capital cash currency.
TRULY: This talented trek, is a joyful journey, valuable voyage, an exciting exploration- exhibition; in each economy and every energized environment. Executing – excelling EcoEnergystics = $$$
Graciously giving a financed fair sincere share; Instead of a subtracted stockholders staking stair – stupid looking stalking stare; Letting loose those humans held hostage by their hair; Protecting profits + peaches and a pear; Twins in twos and double dollar pair; All aboard affluent arising atmospheric air; No longer looking at the gutsy gamblers glare; Back into the big bankers bullish bear; Basically butt naked bankrupt broke and bear.__

Multilplex Rayzial_mixed race family_3….

Right here history is hostilely held hostage, when we all of a sudden turned from being Negroes and Coloreds to “black businessmen”. Howsoever, some of them probably were so dark skinned until they artificially appeared to look like they were black.

Butt, other businessmen and businesswomen were Brown bio-bodily beings on the superficial skin surface; and literally pinkish-whitish inner hands and underneath soles of our feet! Who’s “all Black”?

Colored capsCOLORED ONLY not “Blacks”!!

YES: Y’all as a mandatory must do, is listen up very closely and pay strict attention! The name Negro and Colored; are the truest terms used at that time, period. Not “Black”!

Moreover, to teach our oncoming offspring, forthcoming generations of kids, school children of color of Africa’s ascent, anything other or different than that, the total told truths 100%+, is wickedly wrong. Devilishly degrading, demonically denigrating. directly degenerative, and direly dysfunctional!

Blatantly Black-a-fied: Constantly called out of their truest names, and indigenous inhabitants identities., bogus branded “Black Boys & Girls” by educated fools! Then these self-serving psychologists and psychiatrists, wonder why Anglo-Americanized African children; sometimes suffer serious shortcomings. Inclusively, induced ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’; and other mental derangement, deliberately designated! 

Multiplex Rayzail Racial family 4….
We’s & Us’s, were widely called Negroes & Coloreds. Butt “Black” misleaders might mean well, yet are causing conscious confusions and civic chaos to small children. A grossly distorted American animation8-colorking-rotate.gifrelatively recent history. Even little kindergarten – elementary classrooms taught and teach the child his or her Creola-colors, that usually comes in small boxes in wax sticks. A magnificent rainbow of prismatic spectral hues. As portrayed picturesquely; COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, carousel colorful wheel.

“Follow The Logic”: How would you like it if your young child brought to you a black skirt and or socks, when you asked him or her to bring you your brown socks and brown shirt? Think!

Children’s Cyber-College Curricular Cosmic Computer ColorComplex. Read more:

Today, the truer terms are as followers: Preferably, people of color of Africa’s ascension, Africoidian Aboriginal ascent; additionally African-Americans – Africans in America, Albino female 7Albinoriginals – Afrindians and as AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
An All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Aggregated and Amalgamated: blue-blacks, browns, redbones and high yellows, plus+ pearly pale pink pigmented persons = “fair skin”. ‘To Know Thy Self’ is TO LOVE THY SELF!  MP3:

Colored Entrance Only 1This thing trying to brand We’s & Us’s as all “Blacks”; is extremely divisive, destructive. Self dividing and self-conquering. It’s idiotic ignorance imposed upon a people of cosmetic coloration complexions, by “Black Supremacists” rebel revolutionaries racially reacting to; “White Supremacists”!!
Everybody else is caught captives, entrapped – enslaved, between these two terrifying tactics, tyrannical thugs, treacherous tricksters. Nobody’s bio-bodily being, has to be “Black” nor “White”!!

African Albino male 4We’s & Us’s fought fearlessly for full fledged freedom = “Free At Last”. And now let Africans in the America’s, know, that there has never been in existence, a “Black Wall Street”! Bogusly bad beliefs; foolish faith following faulty foundations. In factually reality, this is another regressive Religiosity = renegade rouge Reptilian Race RELIGION! It doesn’t match nor conform with actuality and RAYZIAL reality!!

Howsoever, having said that truthfully, there could be invented, co-created, made into, a “Black Wall Street”. Butt, that will require having a “Black Nation” of a freed “Black People”. In organizational – operational order to have a “Black” banking system and “Black” safety security services. Also a “Black” military police force to protect and defend investment interests!
One can not build anything positively productive; wholesome, while still striving – simply surviving and seriously – severely suffering social sabotages. Inside, invidious insidious institutionalized; “Racism White Supremacy” Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes = serving systemic System SATAN!!!
Although, all of these courageous causes, creative concepts, intelligent – intellectual ideas, are to be artfully applied and approached, in the aftermaths. Desolation destruction of this present system of things is financially fatally fallen and finally finished. And I AM talking all about; complete Capital Cash Currency Collapse!!!

Coloreds rent-to-colored-lAMEN-RA-LIGION + Ra-Vealations, reveals righteousness: And also as above stated; there has been no, nor were any such society as; “The Destruction of the Black Civilization!” Authored by the late grandly great Chancellor Williams Senior Sir. His old-outdated-obsolete terminologies twists truths too. He might mean well, butt, astute accuracy is prerequisite; to solving planetary public people’s problems of psychotic personalities and psychologically poisoned populations!

Colored only water fountain                     Where do any of these signs say “Black”?

My Master Mind Melanin Messiah Mission: Talented True-Up U-Turn all around analytic accuracy: The Nile River Valley Civilizations, were of our originating organic organisms: ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1. Native-natural; multiplex melaninated membrane members.

The master teacher Mr. Chancellor Williams, often in his tape-recorded audio-visuals, used the term: “Indigenous African religions”. In which, Wexz & Usxz in ancient ancestral Africa, never did have. Only man made manufactured mythologies; and I identify and name as: MYTHOLIGION!

Mytholigion_color neg image
An Arthiest Actionary accurate analysis: = RALIGION! Tens of thousands of years thereafter, according to Professor Walter Williams, ‘the Melkite? Coptic Ancient Egyptians, sellout Samboes, invented a RELIGION; for the Europeans. So self said “White” Greeks – Romans of those time periods. And absolutely not meant for Aboriginal Africoidians!

Taste of New Orleans Jazz _2014 002Therefore, in this strictest sense, technically, realistically and practically, Racist Radicalized Religion, started inside continental Africa. Directed outside of Her into Europe. In which transitioned and turned into Christians’ CauCrazian Christianity, leading towards Islam- Mohammedan Muslims-Moslems, on to Hebrew Israelite Jews of Judaism. Devilishly demonic devolution! 

As a direct and indirect results, racist religiosity came cannibalistic back upon native natural Negroidians = blue-blacks = Latin language “Niger“. Doing destructive damages to the countries, civilizations collectively. In the constant viciously violent invasions, by their own opposing origination. They returned in the mean manners, monstrous Mongoloidian mad men and Asiatic Arabs, Eurasians, and crazy CaucAsian Caucasoidian corrupted criminality! 

Marcus Garvey-1YES: The Honored Mastermind Melanin Messiah Minister Man Mr. Marcus Mossiah Garvey, and his Universal Negro Improvement Association = UNIA; and The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People = NAACP. Has retained their truer names, needing not to be negative; whatsoever. It is an identity crisis to call them anything else, other than what was their original intents and purposes, period. COLORED & NEGRO!!

MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglas+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD Ancient Africa’s Africoid Authorized, Anointed Appointed Artistry+ Authentic Ancestry = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson Garveymight + PanorAfrica = Africaspora!!! and or


Art-structive; Equals = artwork that is constructive, instructive; in and of itself. As opposed to being artlessly destructive and obstructive!

your front design ARTHIEST, is an artist actionary, who artfully arranges things, draws, and paints portrait pictures. Doing so uniquely, creatively, imaginatively, foremost firstly = originality.

anim-ck%20shirts.gifArtStrucTrix, encompass everything that has been created by an originating Arthiest. The entire Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, Maatrix, Soultrix, Spiritrix, were initiated by this FOREMOST FIRST ARTSTRUCTOR COSMIC CREATOR!

your back design.

IT IS WELL WRITTEN: “Pineal gland calcification has also been implicated in the onset of Multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves. Neuroradiological research has shown the pineal gland to be involved in the pathophysiology of Multiple Sclerosis. In a 1991 study by Sandyk R, and Awerbuch G.I published in the “International Journal of Neuroscience”, it was shown that Pineal Calcification was found in 100 % of MS patients. The strikingly high prevalence of pineal calcification in Multiple sclerosis provides indirect support for an association between MS and abnormalities of the pineal gland (Sandyk and Awerbuch, 1991). Multiple Sclerosis tends to affect Caucasians disproportionately, and is nearly unheard of in Africa and is rare among African Americans. A high prevalence of pineal calcification has also been linked to bipolar disorder.”

TELEPATHY + EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION + CLAIRVOYANCE?  Who knows? Furthermore so many of the racist Eurocentric scientists try to prejudicially play down and purposely undermine the importance of “The Third Eye” Pineal Gland and its potential powers of spiritual metaphysical forces. He glibly restricts and narrows the definitions to suit his limited capacity to naturally produce the hormonal substance. And hates to give due credit, recognition, because they have discovered that it works well with dark-shades of melaninated African Africoid Americans. To our advantage and to his disadvantage or lack of advantage therein!!

Taste of New Orleans Jazz _2014 017telepathy < Greek têle (far away) + patheia (perception or feeling; < to be affected by)] Causing someone to think or feel something by use of one’s mind; communication using means beyond the standard physical senses.”

SEVERELY & SERIOUSLY Calcified Pineal Gland of the 80% to 90% bad bio-seed genotype traits of the criminal creature Caucasoid Caucasians. Some simply did not creatively evolve enough as of yet. And are unable to use this Melanin Media = Medium productively; so history holds them accountable for thier devilish destruction.

And today their offspring = children has inherited their genetic defects, tendencies and propensity to force their bogus beliefs pn other people of color; esp. Africoid Africans in America. Specifically those named negative news networks, newspapers, magazines, Radio & TV stations-channels, broadcasting capitalist corporation conglomerates, that are owned and operated by so called “Whites” = expressly racist-sexist-egoist-fascist-supremacist males!!

Buttocks jeansBUTT YES: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office:

Print Online: “Order flyers, signs, banners, posters, presentations,postcards, brochures, promotional magnets, decals and more. Print files from your computer or easily add files from other websites”

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HUE-MAIN-RAYZ: Perfected paralleling paradigm to so said supposed scientific; Human Race! ….

Holistory Heritage Health Hotep + Heroes Help Heal Hue-Mainity + Happy Hue-more Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Model Mandates! HueMainKind+Right+Law pt1

REVELATIONS “The pineal calcification rates with Afrikans is 5-15%; Asians ­15-25%; Europeans ­60-80%! 1 Dr. Richard Kings states “When we talk about cultural differences, some black scholars have raised the question that the European approach, that of the logical, erect, rigid, anti-feeling posture, reflects a left brain orientation and reflects that they lack the chemical key [melatonin] to turn on their unconscious and therefore cannot get into feelings…”

Carol Barnes writes “Melanin is responsible for the existence of civilization, philosophy, religion, truth, justice, and righteousness. Individuals (whites) containing low levels of Melanin will behave in a barbaric manner.” Melanin gives humans the ability to FEEL because it is the absorber of all frequencies of energy.

Aboriginal Africoidians, light-darks, blacks - browns 1Since whites have the least amount of Melanin, this is why they are perceived by People of Color as generally being rigid, unfeeling (heartless), cold, calculating, mental, and “unspiritual.” Their historical behavior towards nonwhites often confirms this.”

HONESTLY & TRUTHFULLY: In my estimation this escalation happens based on the added social-educational discriminatory teachings and falsified fables, fairly tale make believe history taught to them. Nationally imposing the colored chicken eggs in a hippity hoppity Sunday Easter Bunny basket brainwashed special occasian. Helping to in effect block off common sensibilities, and or have the calcifying impact increasing the numbers even more so abnormally!

UNFORTUNATELY: And my ratio-rates also apply to non-whites = browns and blacks who allow themselves to be wrongly educated, de-Africanized, de-Asianized = excessively Europeanized-Americanized,  indoctrinated and addicted to their fictitious hero worship,

Hollywood movie stars as idols, material money gluttonous greed, unwholesome-unhealthy wicked white western diets = killer chemical laced bad food stuffs, ridiculous religions. With some European white male who suppose to be their alleged legendary sweet “Jesus Christ” who walked on top of deep waters, turned water into wine, died and came back to life, on and on with these fabricated none existing mythic men. Media manufactured madness, leading to mass murders and crimes being committed against earthly humanity, due to their religious Christainity’s insanity. Read my story later on without bias:  ChristLikelyen vs Christian!!

Mis-firing neurons = faulty operations communications. Including all other accumulative antagonist adversarial hateful habits that militate against our inborn-innate SPIRITUAL connections with our COSMIC CREATOR!!!

HATE-HOSTILE-HEATHEN HITLER = Inhumanity’s Insanity: YES his reflective KARMIC over-reaction to other’s hatred on nonwhites, being racist European White Jews. Prejudicially discriminating against the darker true “Semitic” Jewish people of color. All hellish hate came back upon them by another Euro-Caucasoid Caucasian male suffering severely from white Supremacy Speriority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN

FRIENDLY INFORMATIVE E-mail messages sent to me by Ms Cynthia McKinney, YouTube video presentations, via my MASTER1 Melanin Media: Video: Wayne Madsen on “Eyewitness Libya”

Model Garcelle Beauvais_baby boy mixe rayz…..

DIVINELY DECREED CURSES REVEALED: “2011, a forum entitled, “Eyewitness Libya,” was held in Washington, D.C., at the Festival Center. It featured Investigative Reporter, Wayne Madsen.. He has just returned from a fact-finding mission to that country with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. The event was sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition.To learn more, go to ANSWERCoalition.”

MORE MELANIN: I’m talking about the pretty pearly pale pink pigmented people-persons = fair face ; scientifically recognized as being Euro-centric Caucasian Caucasoid human beings. In spite of the saved and redeemed mutants of the orginal Hue-Main-Kindhearted “RACE”; scientific sapiens species specifics, a vicious viral infection persists to inflict inflammed feelings among populations of people of color worldwide. Turning them in upon themselves and against one another in violent conflicts and bloody battles unto their destructive deaths!!!

FORTUNATELY: I am explaining to y’all about how the Europeans or Eurasians gave and or imposed upon Afrindians the bad white man’s manufactured religions; adverse versions of falsified Christianity/Christians, faker Islam/Muslims, and fraudulent Juadaism/Jews!!! Which systematically and systemically rapes, robs We’s & Us’s of our innate-intrinsic SPIRITUAL POWERS!!!

SCIESSENCE Sciessence: Equal = science + essences, essential scientific elements, energies, effectual efforts. Efficiencies, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics.

SPIRITUAL SIXTH SENSE SOLAR SEXUS SOUL: Placing strong emphasis on a certain location, midsection, center carbon core; pulsating-impulses of thoughts. Wave lengths frequencies, exceedingly rapid vibrations moving at atronomical speeds. Through the Ether that be and by energizing Electromagnetic Field of Colorations Corporations Conglomerations.  Emanating to and from our stationed SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = SYSTREAM!!!

YES: The “AIDS HOAX”, “HIV” fraud in fact lies of leading liars, are the strongest evidential proofs, to be used back against the U.S. Federal Government. A humanity hater! It is the most powerful weapon of THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH; to bring back down to its decisive demise, the medical orthodoxy, the criminal corporate capitalist conglomerates.

Inclusively, the FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO and all other trashy science sellouts on societies. And the Occupyneers are to explore these revealed truths expeditiously, and place them openly, at the very Top Priority of their protest demonstration agendas. Because, it is of paramount importance, to take complete controls of the giant Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex!!! NUMBER ONE OPTIMIZED OCCUPYNEERS OBJECTIVES!

 HIV vs AIDS = Psychogons vs. Pathogens – Mental Virons = “Mind Viruses” Hoaxing Hatred of Healthy+Healed Africa’s Africoid-Negroid Original Blackish-Bluish-Brownish HUEMAIN “RACE”!!!



YES: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Artsunique independent ideas and alternative words = Original Creative Concept Compositions. An Africanizing + Native Indigenous Inhabitant Indianizing + Foreign Europeanized conglomerated current cultural ColorComplexTrix.

Spiritist or Spiritistic = Means strictly non-religious + non-political!! = None voting = not casting a ballet vote; butt casting a valid note!

All those citizens who strongly disapprove the existing political and religious influences and interferences on native-naturalized HueMain Rights!!!

HAPPILY However, this is absolutely not a partner with the recognized secular syndromes or movement. Nor of any types of Europeanized conceptual ideas. And is in fact founded upon AmeriAfrindian or Afrindian Africanized creative concepts and unique ideas. With Africa being singly segregated, self-loving liberated and artfully applying a freed choice from Europe and or choosing freedom from European domineering ideologies, indoctrinations and orientations. Expressly their historical and present day racist religious politics which paints an adverse negative portrait picture of LOVE GODDESS MOTHR NATURE EARTH AFRICA!

Spiriticular or Spiricular_=_Spiriticularism or Spiricularism_+_ Spiritic or Spiritism or Spiriticism _+_ Spirit or Spiritualize or Spiritualization or Spiritization = Spiritizing: As opposed to baptizing and proselytizing, politicizing and secularizing or secularization. Which are the white man’s concepts that controls and dominates our thinking and Mastermind Melanin Media Messiah Mental Models.

Degrading Drags & Drains: A lesser degree of intensity and slower moving vibration frequencies-or currencies of electro-energy wave lenghts. Deficient and inefficient taking away from our minds that are more proficient!!  That’s of course when sober = alcoholic and toxic chemical drugs free and clean cultured LIBERATED  AT LAST = LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS!!!

LOOK in depth to visually SEE: Seeing how that so called “Black Liberation”; “Black Power” has no powerful impact on the conscious and conscience of our minds. That’s of course unless we liberate our brains; free fromanim aEyes_and_teeth the pre-programmed thoughts and concepts and ideas as to what words that define themselves to mean. Hand me down decisions imposed or given to us by notoriously known whip “Crackers” citizen censorship “Honky Ideology”.

As if Afrindians or Africans in America and in Africa, can’t think for our own selves, and constructively create conceptual ideas independent of the Euro-Anglo-American male modes. Therefore I defy and denounce domineering controls over my dearly beloved life!

Spiritualized intuitive instincts: that leads or guides one to truly knowing via intellectual intelligence. As opposed to thinking based on bogus bigotry and bias blind beliefs and faith following foolishly. The unfounded notions, and unsubstantiated claims; that are prove beyond any rational reason to doubt, misleading and incorrectly wrong and found to be in gross error!

PICTURE my artistic vision for instances, there are American citizens who have never participated in the political process, voting machine apparatuses and election campaigns. And for various personal or individual reasons of no contest, no desire, feeling they/we really don’t have a good viable alternative or sensible choice. And multitudes of others are deprived of their/our voting rights and civil liberties due to being criminalized unjustly by the institutionalized racism of the illegal criminal injustice system. Owned and operated and ran by the bad bio-seed Euro-Anglo-American whites.

FORTUNATELY: Therefore, it may also serve us as a well disguised better benefit blessing, divinely devised to separate and divide and isolate and segregate some of our people of Melaninated skin colorations. In cause and effect reality, this means total freedom from their poisonous politics all together. A wholesome state of being to embrace and delight one’s self in. Another twist of logic, practical judgments and basic common senses.

Besides who in their righteous mindsets and Spiritualized Solarized Sexualized Souls, hope to or desire to be a member party with notoriously known weapons of mass media murders of mad men’s militaristic terrorism?. Other than a hatemonger-warmonger!!


 PROBLEMS: Initially Albino mutations that faultered and fail to overcome their innate shortcomings, single sided hemispheric brain use of bigoted bias bio-imbalance. One extreme or the other as we apparently can openly see today = left wing liberal Democrats or right wing conservative Republicans.

WATCH & WITNESS: This primary example shows your eyes clearly how hypocritically they think,  and see continental Africa, so imbalanced = predudiced political positions one sided.  Instead of both hemispheres being simultaneously used artfully and creatively in Mother Earth Nature’s Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance. The manner in which, as by, the real historical Egyptians of KEMET = “The Land of The Blacks”.  My personal family ancestry. And, dual brain users being their true orginating Africa Africoid-Negroid ancient ancestral parents. The DOMINATING GENE!!!

Suffering severely, Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes; which are in physical effects/emotional affects as an inferiority complex. A brain that has intellectual capacity of higher intelligence; yet malfunctions most of the times due to a lack of Melanin producing potentials coupled with less possible use ability thereof. The essential connection to humane  SPIRITUALITY SUBLIME. 

“The scientific evidence of Melanin threatens the life of white supremacy After considering Melanin to be a “waste” product of body-metabolism which “served no useful function,” Western science has now discovered that Black Melanin (neuromelanin) is the chemical key to life and the brain itself. All the studies, facts, and statistics about Melanin suggest that after four hundred years of attempting to inferiorize the Black race, “Western science is facing the sobering reality that, by its own self-defined standards, Black people are probably superior to whites in both intellectual potential and muscle coordination.” 2

The central role that melanin plays in the body has been “suppressed to maintain the mythological inferiority of blacks…and the defensive clinging to whiteness as some token of superiority.”

Consequently Dire: Thus they have deviated devilishly as a direct and proximate results. Killing off the wholesome Whites in ‘savage beast barbarian behaviors’, “The Inquisition”; criminal “Christian Crusades” and merciless media mad men of medieval white witchcraft and sorcery. = Pyscopathy & Sociopathy!!

TODAY: And is attempting to impose their ill-will upon nonwhites globally. = Military might + Media murderous madness being pervasively spread by the Westernized-Europeanized-Colonized communications networks. Each and every one of the major-mainstream media news stations that you can name, are bribed, brainwashed by, bought by the conglomerate capitalist crooks of Caucasoid Caucasian corporate criminals!

Those TV & Radio & Internet channels ran by the indecent, bad bio-genotype seed traits of the white western world of wicked witchcraft, sorcerers who cast their psychotic delusions, psychological illusions. By spreading pervasive political propaganda poisons worldwide. Infecting and inflicting upon the conscious thinking mind and subconscious subliminal messages which I name to be MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” + = Psychotic Leprosy!!!


Indubitably, this is exactly why We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Protests, opposes this insanity causing inhumanity!! Thus to compel corporatist-capitalist America of the United States, and their co-conspiring colluding coalitions of Europe, to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. “By all means necessary”!!! (Min. Malcolm-X)

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature and Her wrathful weather is on our side. By patterned pathways of SUBLIME SPIRITUALITY of Metaphysical Karmic powers. Likewise Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature, has certainly sent out Her Divinely Decreed Curses, Judgment + Justice!!! Against these antagonist arch adversaries and builders of their evil empire of enemy energy entities!!!

SHE is no doubt strategically and tactically maneuvering, leveling out the playing fields, Battlegrounds of Calvary in dynamic-equalized bio-balance. Socially-economically-educationally and politically. Thus She’s systematically and systemically bringing the dishonest-racist Americans, Europeans-Russians, inclusively Arabs-Asians, back down to ground level zero of financial-monetary-economic naught. This hit-list strictly means, everybody, each and every single one and racial-ethnic groups, who willingly, are in criminal cahoots with the white western profiteering, racketeering money making media madness of mass murders. South-Central-North Americas inclusively. Baring none!!!

NEGATIVE NUCLEAR NATIONS: These national countries as a mandatory must, come down! Has to be broken up into smaller pieces, divisively cracked into and divided between themselves internally. This substantive due process activates earthquakes and erupting volanoes. Earth’s plates shifting and readjusting. The ones who created and delivered us are the exact same ones to destroy us!!

My Mastermind Melanin Media Messiah Mental Models signifies The End Time Days of Reckoning; Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning. A true reality of fact. Basically because there is absolutely no true democracy delivered unto the populations of people, being compelled to live underneath dirty dictators, toxic terrorist tyrants; in their every conceivable artless forms. Criminalizing chemical contaminations and poisonous political pollutions. No material matter what types of deceptive disguises they wear on their faces superficially. Regardless of the colors and designs of their national flags-emblems or coat of arms. None can be totally trusted!

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; portrays therefore, this is not at all about TRUST, butt, being better beneficially blessed. I mean decisive independence, alternative media methods so that other small and unique, talented healthily grow, thrive and prosper productively. Cutting off others who are simply not productive and are lazy, sorry, insensitive. Only trying to wakeup each day just so that they can do basically nothing wholesome; butt go to work and pay their bills; even if they got a paying job.


A weedy self-serving ideology only sucking up the vital-nutrients, fertility of the potentially great genius-gainful growth. Not only down-sizing this fatiguing excessive bodily weights of physiological morbid obesity adiposity-religiosity, butt also the toxic  fat hog headed hateful inhumane patriotic warmongers and hatemongers. Due to media programming, they are the actual ones going out into these sovereign foreign lands invading and occupying the indigenous inhabitants of AfriNatindian Melanin skin colorations. Therefore decreed death to them plainly because, they justly gotta go!

POPULATION CONTAINMENT CONTROLS; They have to go, “must stand down” be uprooted, blown up, washed away, burnt out…., in order that fresh spring sprouts, grassroots ground level leaderships and under-classed citizens, sub-societal seeds saved might germinate. And so that all gifted artistic Hue-Main beings, can culturally, cleanly come up top of Her Perfect Precious Pyramid’s peak, into the marvelous Love Life Light Locks of our ONE and only Solar Sexus Soul SUNGOD!!!

Certainly Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes; righteously rearranges Her & His geographic VegePlanTerRain. Atmospheric disturbances are openly occurring now today; as global warming increases and heating extremely hot spell escalates, and cooling-freezing cold so severe! surely ensues!

Violent volcanic eruptions of energies exploding all around our Global-World-Nations. The earthly body of this planetary sphere is shaking, shifting, rumbling and plates are moving about underground. Signifying sure catastrophes and calamities upon Her surface. She shall surely divide and conquer all humanity’s insanity!

About Me Myself I AM page: Saving Souls, Saving Kids, Children, Teenagers via Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts.


My True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religions & Politics = REAL-LIVE-VISION. Seeing what is happening right now today and prospecting oncoming occurrences on The Event Horizon. Simply called prophetic predictions, spiritualized insights, artistic perceptions envisioned, future forecast, meaningful measurements calculations and estimations. = Freedom of interpretation!

Artfully visualized to be actualized, materialized and realized through the patterned pathways of my Calmly Composed Constructive Creative Imagination. Uncommon sensitivities having sophisticated fine tuning neuro-Melanin Media via the Genesis Genius faculty Sixth Sense Solar Sexus Soul’s SPIRITISM.  Or else you can choose to believe, maybe-perhaps = Extra Sensory Perception… Telepathy…. Clairvoyance???!

Racial family-white-black-1…..

Rational Reasons: Soundly and sanely said through the patterned pathways of fundamental logical thinking, combined with good-o-common sensibilities. And it seems quite crystal clear to my mind and bright brilliant brain, that these warring nations of people collectively are demanding their independence from big governments, oppressive-repressive-depressive presidents, rulers, kings-queens, officials, authorities who are proved to be untrustworthy, undependable, and are not serving the best interests of their national citizenries. And in fact do indeed work against societies in manners that militate against the wholesome health and wealth of civilians!

Consequently ominous, the overwhelming majority of difficulties are mass media man made madness, manufactured mentalities. Via the satanic mouthpiece and devilish voices of these blatant broadcasting systems spreading and spewing out their unholy-ungodly = Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! (metaphorical expressions)

BUTT BITTING BOOT LICKERS: Expressed specifics; the number one and leading purveyors of media mass murders: CNN, FOX, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS; AP, Reuters, inclusively, on lesser levels = Yahoo News, Christian Science Monitor, and lastly butt not least; Aljazeera-Arab network. Now Americanized and Europeanized!!

DOMINATED & CONTROLLED: by the Capitalist-Corporatist Caucasoid Caucasians!!! And no one can possibly get the totally told truth out of any of them, even if their lives depended on it. They are merciless, ruthless, mean spirited and heartless criminal creatures. Historically heathens hiding hideously behind religious politics. Fomenting viciously violent warfare all around our whole wide world.= Psychopaths & Sociopath politicians in political power positions!!!

DUPING-BRIBING-BRAINWASHING; By buying out others and others selling out on self-sufficiency. Mass media money mad mentalities made meaningless. Coming through the major-mainstream communications channels on down to the little local rural areas of small towns, country sides, counties and larger inner cities. Of the metropolitan urban dwellers. These are invidious and insidious operations media mechanisms!

RADICALIZED RACIST RELIGIOUS REALITY: The poisonous political programming is complete, consummated in its entirety. And this means that there’s a widespread witchcraft-sorcerers spell inflicted upon humankind. People are struggling to wake up out of their trance and delusional mindsets. Rebelling about things that they don’t necessarily understand. Butt, they simply just know that something is gravely wrong  critically causing them unhappiness, sadness, and a joyless lifestyle and or substandard of living. This they are calling in some cases “The Arab Awakening”; “Arab Spring”.

BUTT, I name our national uprising an Evolutionary Revolutionary Creation and or Creative Evolution. A naturalized, sexualized, solarized, colorized Love Sensation Spirit Sublime.

Our Conscience Conscious Cosmic CREATOR’S Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening: = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests!!! And as a mandated must do indeed, down with the racist-sexist-egoist-fascist-supremacist, two poisonous political parties: left wing Liberal Democrats & right wing Conservative Republicans!!

What is Media? In general, “media” refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are different types of media. The term can also be used as a collective noun for the press or news reporting agencies. In the computer world, “media” is also used as a collective noun, but refers to different types of data storage options.

Computer media can be hard drives, removable drives (such as Zip disks), CD-ROM or CD-R discs, DVDs, flash memory, USB drives, and yes, floppy disks. For example, if you want to bring your pictures from your digital camera into a photo processing store, they might ask you what kind of media your pictures are stored on. Are they on the flash memory card inside your camera or are they on a CD or USB drive? For this and many other reasons, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what the different types of media are.


animation14.gifMELANIN: MetaMusical = Meta-Musics = MusiChemistry = MetaMusiChemiPsychiPhysics = MMCPP. Means meditatively, by my unique-creative original definition: Vibration frequencies traveling far beyond the common audio-visual senses, going profoundly deeper in depth inside IniVersally and outside Universally. Doing so at astronomical audio speeds and visual values via exceedingly rapid rhyming rhythms and resonant repercussion = after the timely heart beats as percussions. Sound sensations spiritually sublime. Basically based on AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s RealiVision = Real -Live-Vision!!

LoveSexRomance = Eco-Electron Energy Entity Emotions!!! And when performance plays are arranged in my Revolutionary Evolutionary Creation and unique poetic art form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP; there’s an implosion and an explosion of energies.

A breathing in and out, inhaling and exhaling breaths of air = organ = CO2. Pushing and pulling back and forth in Love Peace & Harmony. Composed and orchestrated in complex-sophisticated butt simply fundamental elements layered, mixed in varying harmonic concordances of wave lengths. A ColorComplexTrix of compiled or composed collective data, informational artwork by MuscianCHD.

YES, I see sounds as colorized particles of energies vibrating at different frequencies and rates and wave lengths. Each note on the musical scales has its own flavor, sensation, impression so forth and so on in like manners. Artfully forming the Electromagnetic Field of Colorations, prismatic spectral hues. And are reflected through water drops = rain clouds showing up as a magnificent rainbow of beauteous colors in sparkling-shinning sunlight!

Effectively & Successful Achieved access, self-made rite/right of passages and top secret security PASS. Into what academic intellectuals call the beyond world of Metaphysics. Howsoever I go far from that short-sighted perspective, and travel bravely and boldly with conscious courage; long-range into other realms = realities. After shock spiritualizedsolarizedcolorized-posterized mediums of time travel.


1st + 2nd + 3rd Eye + Pineal Gland: The MASTERMIND 1 Melanin Media Messiah Mental Models = MetaMusiChemiPsychiPhysics = MMCPP = SPIRITUAL Phenomena! And as a noun = Spiritist who is Spiritious = non-religious. An actualized authentic artistry of my ascended ancient ancestral Africa Mother homeland. Enabling my innate-native-natural ability to contact, connect to, and communicate with The SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

Meta – Music – Chemic – Psychic – Physic: Meaning first and foremost it is prerequisite, in advance to make some musical songs. Start humming a tune feeling the inner vibrations resonating in the bones and muscles and fluids. Thus to set and stage the proper mood of emotions that are energized. Thus to establish the correct chemistry created, calmly composed, contained-controlled = chemical composition. Secondly, one as a mandatory must have the moderated-meditated mind set-ready-enabled to go forwards fast and upwards, and all around in evolving-revolving carousel circles in colorful cycles. It’s a Love Merry-go-round. Basically because this is the loco-motions of our Global-World-Nations!!!

Thirdly, I’m to have all of the needed, necessary physical equipments, musical instruments in the medium material matter art forms of the tangible world. Plus+ a healthy enough physiology = physique in order to carry out the required functions under the laws of gravity. Mathematical numbers, scales, weights, body organism mass, etc.

Yes physical body chemistry = the correct combination of clean chemicals. Those that are not toxic to the physical structure-stature of my human bodily being. And does not poison its circulatory and respiratory systems. Which certainly do require eating healthy foods that are vitally nutritional and nourishing. As my cell membranes are living in an enhanced, elevated, upgraded 100% A+ performance play. A sound soul food condition of Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!!

Speaking strictly for my own self: Moreover, the elimination of all excess fat weight is essential too. Because it stores the toxins as poisons that are lethal to having and living in Divine Health.

Next I am to hook up, link together my mind-body-spirit, heart and solar sexus soul. Artfully forming fitness connections in a solemn state of corrections. Which in turn causes currency climatic chemistry changes that are purified, cultured and cleansed. A therapeutic artistic approach!

HEAR with the EAR: : So we now have the sounds, audio, then the mental medium of meditation or psychological phenomena, then the physical-visual things that can be touched. Each and every item, entity, element is aligned in sequences, step by step, layer by layer, wave length by wave length, frequency rates by frequency rates. All vibrating and pulsating, breathing as energized impulses of thought.

The secret sacred skeleton Key and correct chemical combination of numbers and or alphabets, vowels and syllables, to unlock the padlocked doors, treasure chest, trust vault and pearly gates of heavenly high places. Permitting Me-Myself & I inside the Divine Domain as an applied AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD

BUTTERFLY BAIT; Now, the next thing to do is to combine these single words into compound worded sentences. Strung together into tiptoe tong-twisting turns and true talented terms. These are the instruments strings. Which requires repeating-repetitiously and rhythmic rhymes. Non-religious butt Spiritious. Poetic prose practiced in performance plays to perfection. Breathing lungs, beating heart as percussion sounds constituting a resounding symphonic orchestration. Equaling = my MELANIN MetaMusical-ChemiPsychiPhysics!!!

Here’s your private, personalized, individualized options and alternatives, to test yourself out. Examine how you may be enabled to artfully apply your potential possibility powers. Totally illicit-legalized drug and intoxicating alcoholic drinks or liquor beverage free! Because the brain’s mastermind 1melanin media or mind’s bright brilliant brain can create the corrected chemistry and physics that are needed at any given time. And in the appropriate amounts. It has the creative capacity to produce its on safe-secure narcotics. And doing so stimulating, natural highs = heightened according to our Heavenly Father SUNGOD + Mother Earth Nature’s Laws!!!

Our Hearts of Gifted Gold: So singing these words in poetic songs spiritualized, shifting sounds and or regular speech volume and tonal fluctuations; highs and lows and peaks penetrates the environmental atmosphere of molecular structures-atomic energies emotionalized.

And, talking in an aware awakened conscious mind, that’s activated into loco-motions moves the mental faculties forwards, and upwards in sort of airlifts-uprising. And cardiovascular, muscular, physical exercises excels the powerful processes, pushing my/you in the decisive directions that are in our best interests. This is not an intellectual occurrence; butt, a Spiritual healthy, happy happening. Holistically humored humanely!

Once you learn how to talk in these terms that I’ve politely portrayed, and they become easy to express, you begin also to witness, experience, feel and enjoy seeing the leading Love Life Light Locks!!!

Artistic-AfriEconomics + Spiritics vs. Politics = ChristLikelyen vs. Christian + RealiVision vs. Religion = ChristLikelyenity vs. Christianity = KindheartKinkyKing AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD= Christ-HorusHeart-Deity= Divinity = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts.


INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM Major Mainstream Media Made Mass Madness + Murders: Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Ms Madame Matriarch MAAT, reveals and reports from Mother Africa Libya, today Saturday, June 4, 2011, 1:44pm = time documented herein. She solemnly says: “The one major sign of the Libyan civil war lies not in western Libya but across the Tunisian border where several refugee tent cities have been set up to accommodate thousands of refugees, most of them black African guest workers from sub-Sahara and Sahel nations who were set upon by rebels who said the workers were “mercenaries” brought to Libya by Qaddafi to fight on his behalf. In fact, there is a strong anti-black racialist element within the Libyan rebel movement that used the mercenary meme to justify heinous war crimes by rebel units against blacks from other African nations, as well as native Libyan blacks.” Yes the Devilish Whites news media instigates and creates these unhealthy inhumane, hideously hostile hateful hell holes!!!

“McKinney Leads DIGNITY Delegation of Independent Journalists to Libya on Fact-Finding Mission 1 June 2011 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Today, independent journalists from across the United States departed on a truth-telling, fact-finding mission to Libya.  This coincides with what was supposed to have been a debate in Congress on U.S. involvement in the war against Libya, but the debate got sidelined due to the fact that the legislation requiring a pullout by the U.S. could actually have passed.  Both Democratic and Republican leadership are responsible for pulling the bill at the last minute.

Al Jazeera film footage shows that Western soldiers have their “boots on the ground” in Libya overstepping authority granted by the United Nations Security Council for action in Libya.  Every day that President Obama contributes to the military action against Libya, he tests the United States Congress and defies the United States Constitution and the War Powers Act which limit Presidential acts of war, subject to authorization by the U.S. Congress.

Incredibly, in what yet may prove to vbe another act beyond the mandate of the United Nations Security Council Resolution, NATO extended its operations in Libya for another 90 days.

Because the public has become increasingly unable to rely on embedded media to tell the American people the “whole truth and nothing but the truth,” the  DIGNITY Delegation will shed rare light on NATO’s actions inside that country.

According to some estimates, the American people and the global community were lied to 935 times by Administration officials and the media in the lead-up to the Iraq War.  As Aeschylus said, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”  The DIGNITY Delegation is expected to make daily reports while on the ground of the ongoing NATO actions in the country.”
For more information please contact:

Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Madame Matriarch MAAT USA Presidentress +We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = MAAT’s Wings of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship + COLOR KINGDOM NWCA AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anscend ancient ancestral AFRICA’s Egypt = KEMET+


Wicked White Western World Media Madness: “June 5-6, 2011 — TRIPOLI, LIBYA. NATO war crimes in Libya exposedIn the current NATO war on Libya, the citizens of European and North American NATO countries are being treated to the largest propaganda blitz by their governments in cahoots with corporate media outlets since the U.S.-led invasions and occupation of Iraq. The situation on the ground in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, could not be more different from what is being portrayed by Western news networks and newspapers.”

About Me Myself I AM page: Saving Souls, Saving Kids, Children, Teenagers via Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts.

Cynthia McKinney and her delegation visit victims of US/NATO war at a hospital in Tripoli –

Read: + + +, + + http://hiv-aids-myth.blogspot.com +

Holistory Heritage Health Hotep + Heroes Help Heal Hue-Mainity + Happy Hue-more Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Model Mandates! HueMainKind+Right+Law pt1


About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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