Son of Solar SUNGODD’S MASTER1 Melanin Media + Mastermind Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums Maatrix = Soultrix + Spiritrix x Christrix ColorComPlexTrix Compact Disc Dimension Decreed Divine!

YES: I AM The Originator Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, revealing and reporting the facts-truths-proofs about the truest time tested talents = terrestrial travels! 


YES: This is where I Have vocally voiced my mastermind artistic expressions. With an enhanced, raised, elevated vibration frequency ratio rate, speeded up extended wavelengths. Seeing and knowing how that Solar SUNGODD DEITY + LOVE GODDESS Mother Earth Nature, has increased the speeds of their climatic conditions, circulating currencies, circuit charges.

Therefore, to stay in perfect love peace and harmony, in touch and in tune with Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom, which is worthy of worship, We’s & Us’s are commanded and order to shift and adjust and or change our internal climatic con-scences and mindsets, thinking and believing too. Consume clean cultured culinary crops, cooking, customs, cuisines, causes concurrently. So yawls pay close attention to me and listen up!

MelanMedia by ArtistCHD

1. MelanMedia_p1-s1a_m (11:41) mp3

2. MelanMedia_p1-s2b_m (11:15) mp3

 3. MelanMedia_p1-s3c_m (13:07) mp3

4. MelanMedia_p1-s4d_m (12:40) mp3

5. MelanMedia_p1-s5e_m (12:26) mp3

Verily via our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM’s Sovereign Systream, of  ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE.  High Holy Heavens Father SUNGODDLove Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam Maat.  HIS + HER Happy Healthy Hearts, Healed, Humored Holistic HUEMAIN “RACE” Of our GlobalWorldNations!!!

My MASTER1 Melanin Media = Musical Metaphysical Mediums + = Messiah  Mental Models, + Memorized meditated meaningful messages. Generated and reflected by the ColorComplexTrix of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Positively portraying Love Sensations Spirit Sublime SPIRITUALITY = Spiritivistuality.

Musical Membranes Moving exceedingly fast at astronomical swift speeds. Thoughts traveling through timeless transcended talents. Of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge gifts of energized eloquent, elegant grace.  Actualized, activated applied art forms, meaning my music modes of metaphysics! 

DIVINELY DESIGNED+SUBLIME SOULTRIX + SPIRITRIXCourageous commission calling causes of artistic actions. I’m talking truthfully about, rhythmic rhyming circadian cycles. Correcting currencies, causing climatic changes! My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religion & Politics!! = REAL-LIVE-VISION.

YES: WE’S & US’S: Are artistically rearranging and reconstructing realities. Reinstating realized substances of worthy values in Rare-Rich Royalty. In the solemn midst of mind overcoming material matter. Conscientious controls, wishing to dutifully do what is righteous, a blazing burning desire to do one’s artwork well with weatlthy wisdom. Thus timely tested true talents, taught thoroughly in dept and by research studies! My mind is very potent and powerful! How about yours?

PERSONALIZED POWERS: Our Orderly Orchestrations,  Organized Operations Communications = Colorized Celestial Constellations = Composed Conglomerations!!!

Might I remind y’all that these artful approaches in applied arts, are the very ones our earlier parental guardians employed and used to contact: Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR.  

Her Perfect Precious Pyramid builders of beauty; as, actualizers of authorized aesthetics and are all Authentic Ancient Africa’s Ancestral Ascendant Artists!!! MP3

SOULPOWER + SOLARSUN + Sons of SUNG.O.D.D. = Z-BLACKRAYZ + Moneymarkets x Eco-Energystics – economics, financed fitness fortunes = artworks by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoidian Africa’s Ancient Ancestry + Artistry, Anointed Atom Ark Anchor Ankh Amen-Ra Radiant Rays, Resources Rare Rich Royalties = $$$ Capital Cash Currencies via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt1/4



 = Sons of SUNGODD MASTER1 Melanin Media =

Mastermind Melaninated Messiahs!!!

AMERI-AFRI-ASI-N-DIANS _ + __ AMERI-AFRINDIANS: = Afriasindian: means mixture members, melaninated membranes. Mastermind messiah mental models. Basically because, biologigically, the Asians migrated across the Bering Straits from Siberia, historical centuries – ages ago. Adding to the existing Africoidian people’s presence. Whosoever they were called and whatsoever their true names were…Olmecs or dark skinned societies: ‘The Rubber People’.

Albeit, the dominant darkness, blackness, nightness of the naturalized natives, who were admixtures, eventually were reintroduced to other on coming enslaved Africans via the North Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades, to and from Africa & Europe & Americas. Thus identifying themselves, mostly to the then.., majority members, named “Negroes” or of Z-Blackxz & Z-Brownxz, z-bluexz bio-based bodies. Equals = THE BLAC-KEYS

Everybody else were invading, intervening, incoming immigrants, and also as ‘minorities’. Having lesser numbers, a very few arrivals at that time who were overwhelmed by the Africoidians from Africa. Those who rode over upon the dividing, separating planetary sphere body of earth, prehistorical periods, and additional Africans who migrated and immigrated into the Americas. Slave + Free!!

INCOMEVENTION: = in + come + income + me + vent + even + on + ion

Incomevent: = to invent income the unconventional ways, means, methods. Induce values inside self then express them artistically outside, openly, ostensibly, objectively and optically.

Incomevention; = means inventing income, uncommon artistic approaches applied. Generate earnings, savings, and buying profit powers that are pure and clean cultured capital cash currencies.

Incomeventional: no longer conventional, traditional, usual, regular, common. Intelligently intellectualizing incomes.

INCOMEVENTIST: = one who invest into inventing their own economic incomes. A person who confidently can create causes that supports their truest desires, wants, wishes, dreams, needs. Lusts-Loves!!

INCOMEVENTISTRY: The artistic policy practice of inventing efficient economic entities, crafts, digital designs, artworks, musical songs, poetic CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP. Our Official optimized options, inventive uniqueness, clean cultured crossover, instead of complaining, crying about obscene, profane, vulgar Hip Hop gangster rap! Value it = $$$ and… Wake-up!

INCOMEVENTISM: = Inventing potent possibilities, positive products, that never existed essentially ever before, in this uniquely new world way of artful approaches. Internalized inventing from on the invested interests, inventoried inside to the objected optic outside. Thinking well within the bodily based box, to one’s singular self-service + self-survival = self-surety. After which actualizing, realizing, then, these time tested talents are openly made manifest, shared publicly coming from a private party position and personal posterior!



YES ME MYSELF I AM ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger. The Unifier & Color Collector Co-Cosmic Creator. An A+ Son of SUNG.O.D.D. Now today giving to y’all his Divinely Decreed Deliberation Declaration. 

COLLECOM + COLLECOME + COLLECOMATRIX = Collecome: = collect + come + me. Means come collect clean cultured causes with me. Our optimized, climatically changed of venure, word meanings, definitions + paralleling paradigms!!

COLLECONOMIC: Cosmic computerized calculations of collective capital cash currencies. Collecting artwork specimens, specifically and strictly Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Secure Safe Secrets.  

NOTE vs. Vote: that our on coming collection of Cyber-computer-children, can comprehend these new world wiser words of wealthy wisdom. Letting go of, leaving behind the times the overused, worn-out, outdated, old-school seniors and sellout souls. Be-gone by-gones!!

Collecomatrix: = collect + com + come + me + ma + mat + matrix

Means the complete composition, consummated causes, comprised companions. Compatible comrades. Coming currently culture clean, correct, caring, compassionate + concerned. Entering the Golden Gates of ColorKingdom NWCA:

Colleconomism x Collecomism: //= parallels Collectivism!!

Colleconomist x Collecomist: = those coming together, gathering groups, collective citizenries. Economic energy entities. One who bring certain compatible people into a unified wholesomeness, one body, unit. Plus+ they are Arthiests who collect artworks, items, designs, crafts, music-songs. Pure profits positively produced = $$$

Colleconomistic x Collecomistic: = the sense, essence of art-working, networking, conscious collection.  Accumulating, collecting cosmic cash, co-creating currencies. Combining citizens, civilians, countries, counties, cities and clean cultured crafts.

Albeit, the blog listing below, will wisely inform y’all as to how paramount important, imperative it is to formulate our owned military machine might. And how righteous REPARATIONS, Restitution  requires reimbursements, restorations to our originating organic organisms. Self-owned, operated, independently individual indigenous inhabitants of planetary sphere EARTH as EARTHORS!

Finally financed for historical and present day discrimination against Africoidian Americans of Africa.  Demanded & Commanded that the United States Federal Govenment & Presidency, Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, pay their huge monetary debts, and, OFFICIALLY, order Capitalist Corporations, Christian Churches of Caucasian Caucasoid Catholics & Protestants, to pay up.

Certainly; They are guilty as charges for concocting, inventing RACISM & SLAVERY in the North-Central-South Continental Americas. Sociopath + Psychopath Criminals!

Legislated Laws enforced by Homeland Security & Special Counter-Combat Commands, Africoid-African American controlled companies, regiments, army, navy, air force units. As part and parcel to the Cause of Actions Classified Lawsuits-Settlements!

A certain percentage of the Pentagon’s arsenals, arms, tanks, trucks, gear, guns, jets, ships, and all else required to stage strong stances. Against any and all illegal invaders, trespassers, thugs, thieves, who are proved guilty and or caught red handed attempting to take or steal Africa’s Americanized Africoidians properties, lands, territories, business basess, banks and financial fitness foundations. Inclusively, our original organic rare rich royal resources, natural and native minerals, precious stones, gems; diamonds, pearls, and gold.

Also: And as a mandated must, make full financed repayment for the stolen, taken, enslaved lands belonging to Ameri-Afrindian indigenous inhabitants. None of it was put upon an action blac-bloc for sale, not at any prices, period.

Yes, We’s & Us’s were and are still the First World Wealthiest HueMainKind-Being born better beneficially bestowed blessed; by THE BEAUTEOUS  BLACKRAYS!!!

Our Occupyneers Optical Optional Optimized Objectives, Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA = 21st Century CyberSpaceAge cause of action = Methodically militarized militia mindsets, weaponized worldly words of wisdom + fight fearlessly for full fledged freedom, Divinely Decreed Destiny = under one Deliberated x Liberated HueMainLaw!!!

Musical Metaphysical Mediums, mp3 ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + 21st Century CyberSpaceAge CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!

About Me Myself I AM page: Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts. Evolving, expanding, growing and developing, while blossoming and bearing beauteous fresh fruit of the Spirit thereof, herein, planetary sphere earth. Soulful seeds solemnly sown!

Solar Sexus Soul Food Fortunes + Financial Fitness x Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Secure Safe Secrets = Ancient Africa Ancestry =Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anointed-appointed Artistry = authentic + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.


1. DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY: Our Original theme song sound track is instrumental musical composition, symphonically orchestrated. Expressed in MusicianCHD’s Revolutionary 

2. Plus+ the pyramidal sources of a knowing persun’s personal power coming currently clean-crystal clear. Via Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. More meaningful merchant money make method, Capital Cash Currencies coming soon upon The Event Horizon, a totally different paralleling paradigm. Exchanging Eco-Energystics = ecology + economics = $$ x WEALTH & HEALTH!! 

3. RACE RUN: Realistically, retrieving resource riches, rareties, royalities. Racing fast for Africa as RACERISTS! Racist-Sexist-Fascist-Egoist CNN exposed, uncovered and revealed: “I think this video clip clearly shows how one of the worlds largest news companies, CNN, will clearly steer the audience to their own agenda. Watching this makes me incredibly grateful for the internet.” 

4. Spirit: “The nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character, the soul. Such a part regarded as a person’ true self and as capable of survival physical death or separation.” And I’m saying also; think about this, while living inspirted, there is no separaton from our individual and personalized, meditated, contemplated: Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!

5. Spirited: “Full of energy, enthusiasm and determination. Having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood.” So then the displayed designs of various textiles, fashion fabrics, illustrates one’s determination to achieve ascended achievement successes. Congenial circulating currencies, pleasant, and agreeable, becasue of being suited to one’s taste or inclination. Such as great artwork considered Classic not classical, unless it was createdd in the art forms of antiquity or ancient times.’

6. I’m also talking about cultural coloration classics, not to be mistaken for clssical music, which is formal and sophisticated music adhering to cetain stylistic principles, esp. those of the 18th century.’ And CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP is CLASSY, “informal, stylish and sophisticated.”

7. Awesome Forces of Fortitude: of vitalized interests, energized enthusiastic attitudes towards COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Know that We’s & Us’s no longer has any precious time to loose and unwisely waste, attempting to be: “all black”. Expressly, when one look into a mirror and see something very different than this historical self-subjection. Retrictive, limiting stereotype image. Howsoever, I AM of Z-BLACKRAYZ = z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz beauteous sungodd skin coloration complexions.

8. Spiritual: “of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul, as opposed to material, or physical things. A person not concerned with material values or pursuits.” Yes, this requires one to get their hearts righteous with CK-NWCA. Don’t pray on, butt, meditate on it!

9. Spiritualize: “To elevate to a spiritual level” Equal as dynamic mind-body biological balance. Not a conscious raising effort, butt one of ConScience elevation. A spiritualized science system! The grassroots beginnings of our innermost heartfelt feelings. Because, without having an activated so called conscience, then one shall suffer having very little or no feelings for humanity’s sanity. And they are apt or prompted to attached themselves to warmongers and hatemongers who politically practice policies of psychopathic pleasures!

19. Spiritualism “1. A system of belief or religious practice based on supposed communication with the spirits of the dead, esp. through mediums. 2. Philosophy, the doctrine that the spirit exist as distinct from matter, or that spirit is the only reality.”

11. However, there are unseen realities regardless of whether or not one perceives of them. And what I mean herein, is that there are invisible powers incorporated with the Infinitely Intelligent Intellectualized art forms. Inclusively kenetic energies. Potentially permitting you to share them to your individual advantage. Thus to help produce upon planetary sphere earth: LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!! 

12. Spiritism: “another term for spiritualism.” Spiritist, Spiritistic. Here again, I have removed from the current definitions, the contaminating contagions caused by the European Caucasoid Caucasian concoctions. Incompatible politicized particles. Generating germ like similar symptoms, senseless sickness syndromes. Meaning “a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms” Inclusively, “characteristic combination of opinions, emotions or behaviors.”

BOLDLY + BRAVELY: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, replaces them with curing currencies! Meaninng to relieve a person or thing, creature or animal or plant, of the sickly symptom of a disease, conditon and or injury. By patterned pathways of panoramic picture portrayals. Depicted as a medicinal therapeutic treatment for the reparations, restoration, reinstitution of our holistic humane health!!!

My creative evolutionary-revolutionary word: Spiritious as opposed to Religious!! A concurring condition that no falsified Christian can claim. Because ‘this is an in thing’!= Spiritiousm = jus’us-m, And Spiritious = jus’us. Humorously, who-dat ‘n dar? And or who-dat-ova-dar? = jus’ us boss or jus’us-m boss! And with a little practice rehearsal yawls can catch on to my unique wordings, created language of Love Life Light Locks!!! Plus+ my theme song sound track MP3 named Vivian Queen & Kinky King, shall surely say these talented tong twisting tonalities. Play & Listen up:

Spiritivist and Spiritivistism ….Spiritivistual Spiritivistuality = Equals sophisticated syllabic synonyms. Symbolizing sounds so sweet to hear. Because this in no mumbo jumbo slurred speech patterns; butt are articulated crystal clear and currently cultured clean. Pretty please practice perfection!?

CREATIVE EVOLUTION + EVOLUTIONARY CREATIONS: Remember to dutifully NOTE: That none of my originating creative wordings means anything to do with, communicating with dead people or a deceased person’s spirit. Because that’s strictly a Europeanized perverted practice, having absolutely nothing to do with how I’ve defined symbolic expressions in an artful and aesthetically actualized reality. And the spiritual energy entities; I’m referring to, are molecular-atomic….= electronic, electrical, electrifying elocutions. They permeate all physical and material matter, biologically and chemically. And may or might not come as a conducive sudden shock to you, butt, nevertheless, possessed of or containing components as elementally expressed,Electrons-Neutrons-Protons-Photons!!!

Inspirit: “encourage and enliven someone.” = Inspirited, Inspiriting. And accordingly, aesthetic artwork that enliven one’s indwelling spirit. Infusing the openly kindhearted with words of wisdom. A subterranean sublime inspiration. A solemnly silent, serene, substantive-subjective sacred secret ensuing. Dutifully noted due process happening in an animated living body organism = humane being.

Inspiration: “1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative. A sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea. 2. The drawing in of breath, inhalation.” And likewise, these are the  solarized-colorized, emotionalized and energized states as series of small incremental baby steps, that I’m taken and has added up into a completely composted, consummated ColorComplexTrix!!!

 Install: “2. Place (someone) in a new position of authority, esp. with ceremony.” In like manner what my artwork is actively doing, is installing infinite intellectual intelligence of the Universal Mind. Thus to place our constructive creative artist, into their proper positions of potent powers!

Installation: “an artist exhibit constructed within a gallery.” And this represents CK-NWCA’ s Web site domain which is the galaxy gallery of gifted genesis geniuses. Y’all avid “long winded” readers may discover and encounter them, realized–reported–revealed inside my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs.

Installment: 2. Any of several parts of something, that is published, broadcast, or made public in sequences at intervals” Signifying simply that my artwork projects evolved creatively in several performance parts. Differently than any old-fashion, stereotyped classical formulations. Those that may sound so sweet and melodic or might not sound so eloquent.

Albeit, they plainly were never made, recorded, publicized via various broadcasting networks, Radio & TV; to be Spiritualized or Spiritized!!

Instate: “set up in position, install or establish.” Be instated with Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship. Reinstated: “restore (someone or something) to their former position or condition.” In that Africa’s Africoid artists were robbed of our manifested mastermind melanized media. Solar Sexus SoulFood medium meals.

Restore: “bring back, reinstate. Give (something previously stolen, taken away or lost) back to the original owner or recipient.” Repair, renovate. Former conditions that once were our heart health humane righteousness.

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Hurricane COLOR KINGDOM COME = Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry + Authenthical Anointed Appointed Artistry!!!


COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, actually restores Africa’s Africoidian non-Christian and non-religious state of being. Africoriginals + Albinoriginals actualized. Reinstating our ancient ancestral Africanized Spirituality, or Spiritivistuality, as Spiritivists practicing their artistic customs, ceremonies, rituals and rites.

Wexz & Usxz are inventing, co-creating, discovering our optimized new world words of wiser wisdom. Free at last for full finance freedom to do so as artistically appropriate, authentically actualized and atomically Africanized.


Problem Solving Solutions: to those Africanized, Europeanized, Americanized activists; who proclaims that they are one of the other, of two extremes. Left or right sides. Collectivists: give away all, generalize, spread out, share with all others, think in terms of the people of color collectively, civil rights for everybody, esp. “minorities”!

One group thinking that it is wickedly wrong to act as an individual person who thinks for themselves, about themselves first and foremost. Example: Me Myself I Am. And the other is said to be Individualists, or alleged and assumed to be practicing Individualism. And at the expense of the collective citizenry.

Howsoever, they are both wrong, incorrect, and are tilted in extremist degrees, conservative to liberal. Imbalance, inappropriate, inordinate, inoperable, insolent, Each entity is consciously confused, chaotic, and causes civic conflicts. Civilian-Civil Warfare!! Equals = white wicked witchcrafts!

DIVIDUAL: = may be divided into many multiple members, doubles, duals, collectives, compatible pairs, particles-partners, parts-parties. Plus+ added as admixtures. Gathered in twos, twins, twice. Such as male + female = one Dividual bio-bodily being. They are identical individuals as humans. Yet sex-gender cells able to divide, separate, singularize themselves into two parts and as segregated persons or individuals. Yet still remain one HueMainKind.

Dividuality: = separate still essentially equal, synonymously singular still one whole, parts put or placed together, yet retaining their original unique characteristics, attributes, values, qualities. And are capable of being divided then recombined or reunited or reunified. Recollect and to collect.

Dividualist: = One who uses both brain sides, artfully applies a dualistic left + right hemispheric function of their bright brilliant brain or brains. Conscious, conscience Cosmic CREATIVITY + Orgasmic Opioid Organic ORIGINALITY.

Dividualistic: = A doubling, symphonic synchronized synthesis simultaneous sensations or sensibilities being used, applied artistically. Everything started or starts as an art formulation. Even as a spirit, source, science, system. Which I name THE BLACKRAYS = AFPHA-ACTIONARIES x ARTHIEST ATOM AMENRA RADIENT RAYS.

When they say think “RACE” first: “Buy Black”; “Bring Black Back”; “Black Liberation”; “Black Power”; then this actualizes individualism too. Basically because it separates, segregates, singles sections into divisions. Trying to think against, opposed to other people of complex colorations. Contrary chemistry, towards the collective citizenry, in which they profess to support.

Primary principal example: The Elected-Selected U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, has a fiduciary duty, sworn oath, to serve the complete, consummate country’s Colorful Collective Citizenry = COLORECTORATE; black-brown-red, tan-yellow, white, pink pigmented persons, public people’s population. Yet he’s an individual man, not more than one; butt still policy practicing DIVIDUALISM!

Dualism = dual … du·al’…Show Spelled[doo-uhl, dyoo-] Show IPA


1. of, pertaining to, or noting two.

2. composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double: dual ownership; dual controls on a plane.

3. having a twofold, or double, character or nature.

4. Grammar . being or pertaining to a member of the category of number, as in Old English, Old Russian, or Arabic, that denotes two of the things in question. noun Grammar .

5. the dual number.

6. a form in the dual, as Old English git “you two,” as contrasted with ge “you” referring to three or more.

My Wix Web site URL: SOULTRIX + SPIRITRIX SOULFOOD: CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP + Color Kingdom NWCA theme songs mp3. Funky Soul Song Season.

I’m removing the Europeanized superficial and stereotypical attachment; so called religion. Because, when We’s & Us’s were created, also our members were instated! Installed to Be, Spiritious instead of becoming religious. Which is in my view a mutant aberration and perversion. Meaning not originally belonging to, akin to, nor linked in ancient history with Africa. “A departure from what is normal, usual or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.”

Religions then institutes racism, and, are antagonist alien adversaries; who are invaders, intruders, interfering interveners as foreigners. They have caused native Afrindians to depart from their usual contextual contents of humane-moral character. Devilishly deviant defections and dysfunctional defects!

Mentally emulating the mutated mindsets, unacceptable aberrant; ’savage beast barbarian behaviors’ of the White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

An artless form of psychological AIDS = Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, directly and indirectly resulting form being taught to act just like Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creatures; had just crawled out of the cold Caucasus caves. Infected with an infestation of MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = Pathogens + Psychogons!!

Mutate: “change or cause to change in form or nature. And this means that the Europeans perceptive versions of our ancient ancestral African methods, means and ways of worshipping gods and goddess or paying homage to their elders, deceased in particular, were perverted, wrongly interpreted and labeled aberrantly.

After which imposed insidious-invidious indoctrination, courageously called containment controlled criminal Colonization. Taking over our inhabiting indigenous citizenries of countries to cage them inside a protectorate domain of deviant-diseased Devil Whites & Demon Whites!! Those who killed off the overwhelming majority of DECENT GOOD WHITES!!

Inspirited Spiritualized Solar Sexus SoulFood fortunes: Our trusted-talented treasure chest of Rare-Rich+Royal jewels, gold, silver, platinum, brass-copper, pearls, rubies, opals, sapphires, Plus of course, your and my main meal source: Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

MAAT Matrirarch + Patriarch = Female + Male = Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance!! MASCULINE & FEMININE Primary Principals.

Rock Offense+Stone Defense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

FACTUAL REALITY OF TRUTH 100%+: All those, each and every one them, who are going under the Title name Harambee, and not portraying-honoring and paying just respects to this posted Cote of Arms; which is exquisitely exclusive to Africa’s Africoid Kenyans; are criminal crossbones pirates. Paranha predatory politicized parasites + poisoned and polluted people. Fraud in fact liars, phonies and fakers!!! Bogusly bias bigots and hegemony’s hideously hateful hypocrites. Baring nobody, black-brown, pink or white! Period.

FOOLISH: False sisters and brothers, who are immature, disrespectful of other Native-National Africoidians, living on the original homelands. And African Americans, has lost their truest cultures, and can’t seem to think truthfully and clearly. Taking, stealing from one another what do not belong to them whatsoever. Acting so self-serving, yet giving themsele African names, titles, identies, that are only artificial, superficial.

ASININE ASSES: As they continue on trying to tell the whole wide world, how “all black” they are. Butt, believe my telling y’all, none of them truly KNOWS, what those two words mean! Therefore, they remain mindless, meaningless, lost losers, having no fit financial funding foundations = $$$ + WEALTH & HEALTH!!

ArtistCHD residing + presiding over my physical-biological body living organism, artfully formulated foundational freedom in full financial fortunes. Symphonic synchronized synthesis, systemically + systematically. And they are proved, in my melanin mastermind, to be fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

Expressed examples: if you want to be a Vegan or Vegetarian, a swine-pork-pig-hog hater, cooked food haters, all raw vegetable eater, “red meat” hater, Soul food hater, Soul music hater, fried fish – chicken hater, then, you are a faker, falsified Africoidian of Africa. Blatantly bought, bribed, brainwashed bailouts. Those treasonous traitors, treacherous tricksters, who has become overly processed people of color, Europeanized, and westernized witches, warlocks, werewolves, hiding beneath innocent looking little lambs wool and shy sheep’s shaggy clothing! BEWARE!!!


1. ALPHA-AFRICASPORA: //= paradigm paralleling African “Descendant” Diaspora!! New world wealthier words of wisdom, as opposed to old-timers, old-school language, having a downward, descending definition.

2. Africaspora: = Africoidian-Aspiration, African-Ascension, America’s African Ascendance: means by Deified definitions, accelerates, aggradiates, aggregates Africa’s ascent vs. “descent”!! We’s & Us’s are actualizing realities, and not deducing, or deducting or demoting. Anointed Arthiests have overcome this degradation!

3. Terminology, the English language wordings that we speak, has adverse or advantageous physiological + psychological effects and affects. To be still calling ourselves an “African descendant” is “Niggerish”; Honkyish & Whitie Whip Crackerish. Impotently primitive, and of old-world slave plantation mentalities, who were taught the wrong wordings, meanings and definitions. Thinking that they are saying one thing, yet, are saying something else. Assuming to be speaking in positive terms, butt, are actually speaking in negative terms.

And asinine asses, were even taught how to come home and wickedly whip upon their small sensitive kids. blatantly beating on them, spanking babies with their hard-heavy hands. Faloney violations, criminal attacks in schools said to be “Corporal Punishment”. For being a helpless, defenseless child.

Physical assaults called corrections, chastisements, dissiplining.  the Europeanized enemy entities wild western world ways; contrary to Afrioriginal methods of talking intelligently to Africa’s offspring kids, like the healthy, happy, humored, holistic human beings that the were and are. Until treated like untamed wild animals. Creating guilty gambling ghetto gangsters, groupie gangs of youth roaming the inner-city urban streets as thugs, thieves, terrorists. Who’s fault is it?

Mis-educated – inordinately indoctrinated: Fathers & Mothers, & Grandparents, with their old-school slave sickness syndromes, still in tact. Terroristic Threats! Raising their parental voices loudly in outrages, inducing fright and fear, wihin their innocent little children’s hearts and tender minds. Adult intimidating, dictating “demonocracy” democracy. Constituting confusion, unconscious conflicts, due to invidious, insidious Institutionalized + Internalized RACISM!!!

4. YES: Many melanin members literally hate eating SOULFOOD! Basically because, they sold their sorry souls out to the wicked witchcraft Whittie whip Cracker CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures. They popped poisonous political propaganda pollutions publicly, until darker shaded, toned-tanned skinned people of coloration complexions, detested it. “Defused” to dine on their disowned dietary dishes, designed deliciously to appeal to their palatable appetites.

5. The Euro-Anglo-American negative name calling, adverse labeling whatsoever, Americanized Africoidians, decides to eat, feast on in their culinary cooking, customs, cusines, cultural arts, they stereotype + pervert. And deem them too black, too brown, too burnt, over-cooked, “dead food”; “Junk food“; “guts“; “dead meat”; “dead caucuses”. On and on poisoning the psychologies of the persons being indoctrinated, mis-educated, Westernized & Europeanized! Perpetrating perpetual Uncletomism – Samboism – Selfhatism!!!

6. Thus these idiotic ignoramuses, falsify, fabricate Africanism, by giving themselves Africa’s authentic ancestral names, identities and titles. Butt, by the very same black token, misspoken, bankrupt brains blatantly broken: they try to also become Vegans and of Vegetarians. A de-Africanized, yet Europeanized conceptual concoction. Continentally contrary, counter-combative, towards ancient ancestral African Africoidian authenticity! Real research ref.:

7. Most members are assuredly, lost losers, negated “Negroes” who willfully, wantonly, wants and wishes to identify themselves with “White” values, beliefs, whatsoever, they might be? Dietary, nutritional, nourishments, principles, practices, definitions, meanings of words in the English languages, written and spoken. Although, these certain ones, groupie ghetto gangsters, of the so called “conscious community”; are gone completely out of their truer African American minds!

8. And a high percentage are actually Americas + Africa’s + India’s = AmeriAfrindians. Yes, Afrioriginals in India and in the Natural-Native Americas as new world Indians. Black skins, Brown skins, Red skins, Yellow Skins!

10. Therefore, soulless sorry suckers sold themselves out of the money making merchant markets, on all “Race Cards”; dealt demonically and devilishly. They thought and still think “white is right”. and black is bad! So be it!

11. Consequently, ceasing to co-create commercializing conditions of clean cultured commerce, monetary monumental movements, and sold their sick souls out to Civil Rights Movements. Becoming obsolete, “a permanent underclass”; of unemployable “minority”people of color, calling themselves “All Black”!

12. Playing colorblind, ignorantly ignoring realities, failing to realize their testimonies, proclamations, and declarations. In Spirit & In Total Told Truth. And Yes, Black Is Beauteous, as Z-Blackrays radiant Ecoenergystics!

13. Albeit, they have never actually been of Z-Blackxz and Z-Brownxz skin pigmentation, colorations. Not biologically, physiological, psychologically. Thereby making themselves bias bigots, bogus bitch bastards, hegemony’s hideous hateful hypocrites!

14. Lets say for instances. “Black Entertainment Television” BET, alleged and assumed; “all black radio”; “black digital media” and such sayings. Howsoever, I have happily apprehended, completely comprehended contradictions. Sorely seen and hurtfully-harmfully heard nothing more than additional Caucasian Caucasoid criminal craps. Painted in Blackface!


ACTUALIZED AUTHENTIC-AESTHETIC ARTWORK: Expressly by Creative Evolution or Evolutionary Creation, via our 21st Century CyberSpaceAge. Pure potential possibility power!!!

My Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form, CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade Musical Metaphysical Mediums via MASTER1 Melanin Media, played from the HipP & HapP!! Grassroots grown green garden gifts. The applied artwork specimens, displayed exhibits, plus+ their accompanying musical songs, verses, prose and poetry. All orchestrated in a symphonic composition of the most powerful forces: Eco Electron Entity Energy Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3.

OK Y’ALL: Now then my we seek to understand, comprehend and artfully apprehend, exactly why AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD professes and proclaims that his/my artworks are of Inspiration Divine and or Love Sensation Spirit Sublime.

INSPIRITED SELF-EMPOWERING APPLIED ARTS ACTUALITY: combining Spirituality + Sexuality. Meaning by definition, that each and every Rich-Royal-Rare specimen, symbolically represents reinstatement, reactivating, reinstalling, reparations-repairing, replacing, restoring our originating Bright Brilliant Brains. Yes grandly great gifted genesis GENIUS!!!

So simply said sanely sound minded and made easy to understand. When yawls buy my artwork; which includes musical songs plus prosy poetry, then play the performances and portray pictures as panoramic displays, this is the positive processes, producing progress. Those that start setting strategic stages of protective principalities of personalized powers. Ancient Ancestral Africa’s instated, innate-intrinsic-inborn pyramid building, boldly brave bright brilliant brains!!!

A protective fighting force field for self-defense and as an offensive weapon with wisdom. Lets say for instance, when one goes to worship the man made-manufactured mythic “God”; inside the Churches-Cathedrals-Mosques-Temples-Synagogues; then, they are surrendering spiritual alms and arms.

The steeple shaped roof tops are pyramidal platforms and often times accompanied by a covering dome, with worshipers caught-caged inside the domain!

Just long enough to rob and rape them of their native-naturalized resources. Not just monetary funds, cash dollars and cents; butt by bogus bigotry, bombarding the talents of one’s Emotionalized Eco-Electron Entity Energies.

A good sounding sermon makes members move, = locomotion = set them into motions of rhythmic rhyming vibrations and of pulsating thought impulses. Electrical wave lengths are being passed to and from individuals and through persons setting next or close to one another in the pews. And every time an excited fellowship member or shouting collective congregation become vociferous, singing, swaying and swings back and forth, they are being drained of their stored up Spirituality.

And after church services, many want to head straight for the nearest bar to drink some intoxicating alcoholic beverages: beers-wine or hard liquor. Smoke cigarettes or even suck up on a joint of dopey drugs, weed-grass-marijuana squares-spiffs. Or some simply stop off at the corner drug store and buy bottles of booze because of having the church house bar blues!

More Membranes, than just a few sitting in the pews of bad news, are having their digestive tracks terrorized in torment and torture to the poisonous point of causing a “Metabolic Defect”.  Which causes one to over-eat all manner of foods.., store, harbor, gain excessive fat body weight, poundage of diabetic obesity adiposity. Leading to paralyzing strokes, cardiac arrests or fatal heart attacks, self-righteously in the church house too!!

DROPE DEAD = DIE from overdose of deviant devils drugs as demonic dope! Idol worshiping of a false “GOD”!!!

And others are so tired and worn out, until they go home and immediately crash out and go to sleep in hopes of getting some rest. Why? Well because they were zapped by the angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda, Arch Angel Antagonist Adversary Aliens!!!! Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy-healthy good sense of holistic healing humane humor.


Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; homemade grassroots musical songs played from the HipP & LapP!! = Decisively Independent-Alternative Artistic Master1 Melanin Media = Music Mediums!!! Look & Listen:

“By definition, mass communication is a message created by a person or a group of people sent through a transmitting device (a medium) to a large audience or market.”Read more at Suite101: What is Mass Media?: The Changing Role of Mass Communications and the Media Industries |–a23017#ixzz1NyxIvQe7


ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! by ArtistCHD So yawls pay close attention for apprehension, hear crystal clear with complete comprehension, vocalized clarity and listen up!!!

1. ChristLikelyen_p1-s1a_m (11:24) mp3

2. ChristLikelyen_p1-s2b_m (10:58) mp3

3. ChristLikelyen_p1-s3c_m (10:48) mp3

4. ChristLikelyen_p1-s4d_m (10:30) mp3

5. ChristLikelyen_p1-s5e_m (12:10) mp3

6.ChristLikelyen_p1-s6f_m (10:33) mp3

7. ChristLikelyen_p2-s1a_m (11:02) mp3

8 ChristLkikeyen_p2-s2b_m (11:28) mp3

9 ChristLikelyen_p2-s3c_m (10:26) mp3

10. CristLikelyen_p2-s4d_m (12:42) mp3

Black Females Sterilization-Hysterectomies Planned Parenthoood good and bad…

Solar Sexus Soul Food Fortunes + Financial Fitness x Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Secure Safe Secrets = Ancient Africa Ancestry =Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anointed-appointed Artistry = authentic + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.

YES SEEDS SOWN SOLEMHNLY: Funky Soul Song Season. CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP + Color Kingdom NWCA theme songs mp3. Yes it’s all about happy, healthy, holistic, heartily, humored SOULFOOD For Financially Free + Full Freedom of Artistic Expression! My expanded, excelled, elevated and enhanced, Wix Web site URL: 


About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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