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anim-staineglass.gifCOLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts asks: Who Owns The News? “Just like the quote above, he who owns the media, controls the media. With such powerful platforms they are able to drown out independent media and control public opinion and government policy. There can be no freedom without freedom of the press and there can be no freedom of the press if only a few powerful corporations are allowed to own it.”

Therefore he whosoever owns the media controls the media mass murders. And this I think is why they hire these saboteurs to join the posting programs, just to disrupt the unity. So that our smarter American citizens and foreigners can’t properly inform those other participants about certain bias broadcasting. Meddling and interfering with the dialogs, interjecting bogus bull crap, to derail discussions, thus to created a concocted hateful hostile environment.

As I often tune on online to as many major Internet news reports as possible, so that I have a broader base to form my view point and opinions. Thus to be enabled grasp the big portrait picture, after gathering the small details of each posted story, columned written, etc.

Moreover, many other fellow participants show their anger and displeasures about how “appalling” some of their countrymen are in their hateful personal attacks viciously directed at other fellow citizens of the USA. Over and over again, the commons sense decent Whites, are totally turned off and seem to only post their comments expressing their objections. Nevertheless, these low life classless characters know that they are very welcomed if in fact no hired by these corrupted communications companies to sabotage the potentially developing Love Peace & Harmony!!!

Understandably to control public opinions and to cause citizens to form bias judgments, prejudiced opinions, they have to restrict and censor those of us who are effective in counter-communication our more truthful messages. Surely they fear AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, and all other independent, out of the box brain thinkers.

YES, the white filth is pervasive, and very few blacks and browns participates in the postings on these Eurocentric media. They are seeking their/our own Digital Network Media and so called “100% All Black” TV & Radio shows hosted by alleged community conscious African centered hosts. In my view assumed Afrocentric!!!

Albeit, fine and dandy, my take on that is somewhat-quite different. Because I feel spiritually as though we all have an essential role to play, parts to professionally perform and causes to carry out. Many times I believe I’m so misunderstood when I leave the doors open to specific Whites. Well acknowledged through my long-standing observations, reading about them, studying their issues and tissues in minute details, over extended periods of time. Watching consistencies and observing inconsistencies alike. And their personal names of openly posted, made ostensibly known publicly. Giving my references and footnotes, linking to their Internet Web sites. So that anybody in doubt, can go check out what they have to say, have said, written and made into pod casts, etc.

One does not have to trust and believe anything that I say and write; butt, pretty please don’t be so lazy, apathetic-indifferent and complacent, until you think that by calling me nasty negative names is going to change my mind, ways of thinking. Because it simply is never going to happen. Not on my dearly loved life shall I fold under superficial pressures, criticisms, opposition, of stupid, idiotic ignoramuses.

Plainly I’m not the one to try and pick on, intimidate, bluff and bully around. And know that I can and will and shall send out divinely decreed curses of justice and justice against my antagonist adversaries who attack and assault my body-mind-heartspirit-soul state of being.

They personally, individually, along with their love ones and family members, automatically are sent by Spiritualized Metaphysical forces: To Heavens Hades Hell Fires. Righteously here upon the surface of our revolving planetary sphere earth!!! Severe grief, pain and agony, deaths and destructions, Trials & Tribulations!!!

Meanwhile, beware of who you mess around with, be very careful these daya, because who really knows if one is entertaining angels? Who actually knows what spiritual powers someone has or don’t have? So never listen or follow fools in their warmonger-hatemonger mentalities. Opt out and keep out of the line of the firing ranges. Don’t be a pathetic patriotic brainwashed brute rushing off to fight foreign wars when the real wars are to be fought and won victoriously right here at home today in the USA!!!

“In this case they all supported the candidate that promised to allow consolidation of multiple media companies. The very news stories that you are fed by the mainstream media are manipulated to mirror the public relations campaigns of companies that operate nuclear plants, sprawling theme parks that gobble up wetlands, defense contractors, oil companies and even Saudi Princes. Remember the old “Outer Limits” TV shows where the announcer says “We control everything you see and hear, the vertical, the horizontal,” etc? The corporate controlled news media controls all you see and hear.”

“Here are the top twenty media corporations in the U.S. according to All but two of the following, #18 and #19 are not members of the Council On Foreign Relations.

1. Time Warner Inc. 2. Walt Disney Company3. Viacom Inc. 4. News Corporation 5. CBS Corporation 6. Cox Enterprises 7. NBC Universal
8. Gannett Company, Inc. 9. Clear Channel Communications Inc.
10. Advance Publications, Inc. 11. Tribune Company 12. McGraw-Hill Companies 13. Hearst Corporation 14. Washington Post Company
15. The New York Times Company 16. E.W. Scripps Co. 17. McClatchy Company 18. Thomson Corporation 19. Freedom Communications, Inc. 20. A&E Television Networks.”

“Freedom of the press is vital to our democracy. We need to prevent things like media consolidation, where one company is allowed to own all the news outlets in any given market. Speak up and stop the corporate robber barons and the CFR from taking that right away from us. Contact your senators at and let them know you are fed up with large corporations and foreign interests gobbling up our news media.”

These giant ass hole jerks thinks that they are so high and mighty until they can’t collectively fall fatally to their deaths. Butt I decree divine justice and judgment and a cursing cause of action aimed act them and their supporting legs, feet, arms and hands. = Affiliating members, associating branches, limbs linking them together in this conglomerating giant gluttonous greed!!! Needing no physical mechanical military might, materialized rocks, guns, tanks, missiles, bullets in the dislikes of them whatsoever.


Yes, I am actualizing ancient ancestral Africa’s KARMIC MELANIN SPIRITUAL Metaphysical Forces of the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How!!!

Moreverover, all it takes is at least ONE Son of SUNGOD, to jump start the other Commissioned Calling Causes of Action. That essential 10% to 12% Battleground of Calvary willing-ready-abled bodies who already know precisely what I’m talking about. Becasue they are vibrating along the very same frequency wave lengths. And as kindred SPIRITISTS +Artists!!

Further still We’s & Us’s don’t need any of the 88% to 90% racist rift-raft, tong twisted trailer trash talking “trolls”; junky garbage dumps of dummies. Impoverished mentality and still poor no material matter how much money that have. They are morally-ethically-spiritually worthless. Nor do we want any self-hating Black Jackass Uncle Toms, boot licking sellout stooge sycophants, back stabbing two-faced fools and idiotic ignoramuses. = Absolutely NO!!!

CNN Complaints; 1. Today, Saturday, May 28, 2011…2.23 am posting person wrote “bremen3011 Censorship is against Freedom of Speech. There was nothing vile in my comment, stop censoring my comments and obey the constitution, CNN. Thanks =P “ 2. “ Namla Expect this and other posts to disappear, as this is the new strategy. If you don’t repeat the same mind-numbing nonsense about what is happening in Libya, you are silenced. This is all part of the media distortion intended to keep the American public clueless and in the dark about the real reasons for the conflict and what is really happening.”

3. Dissatisfied posting person wrote called: “ cattlebarn… CNN has missed the Lockheed story today on the systems breach hack attack. Fox News has been covering it since it broke this morning. I have never seen a more pitiful newa station in all my life than this CNN.”

This is a short list that shall surely be increased more so soon!

RESEARCH REF;Robert W. McChesney, inspired in part by the work of Chomsky and Herman, has linked the failures of the mainstream press primarily to corporate ownership, pro-corporate public policy, and the myth of “professional journalism.” He has published extensively on the failures of the mainstream press, and advocates scholarship in the study of the political economy of the media, the growth of alternative media, and comprehensive media policy reforms.[10]Ben Bagdikian has also written about the takeover of biased media, with particular attention to the giant conglomerates that own them. He argues that because five large conglomerates own the majority of American media, politics and general media influence in America are in jeopardy.”

BUTT: Before the smaller-littler news networks, local TV – radio stations were taken over and engulfed by the larger-bigger greedy-gluttonous great giants, as capitalists-corporatists conglomerates consumed them all. They were bias bigots and hypocritical racist too!! Butt, also due to their separatist-segregationist-divisive “Honky Ideology“~ A policy practice of racial prejudice = publicized political opinions, ethnic discrimination and cultural bias broadcasting was practiced daily. Hateful, hostile, hideous heinous news reporting kept going on to harm and injure non-whites and or were meant to degrade, reinforce negative stenotypes against people of colorations of naturally melaninated skin complexions. And they still try to do these evil acts and wicked white witchcraft devilish deeds today via the Movie picture shows, Cinemas, Theatres and other media, etc. Bear with my revelations as I build this legal case cause of action against them.

White male mentality media mass murder madness! He has mistakenly or misled the whole wide world. Through his manufactured mythologies, made up make believe allegory stories wrongly called news worthy reports, religious documentaries and political commentaries. All biased bigotry based blatantly on bogus beliefs!

Now that Ajazeera English has taken on a larger crew of Caucasoid Caucasian columnists, journalists and news reporters, they are on the verge of being overcome. Taken over by the greedy gluttonous giants I specified above. Because anything and any body of network news communications operations, that they sponsor, invest with, feed monetary funds into get eaten up alive. Corporate consuming competitors. Likewise and have a meaningful number of so called Whites working for them, as a primary place of employment, receiving paid salaries; they do indeed develop DOMINATION & CONTROLS!!!

This can cause Aljazeera and all others to loose all of their supposed separate media or sellout on any actual Alternative Independence!! After which Aljazeera has to stay in its place, strictly stay in proper regimented ranks and files of the Mass Murdering Major Mainstream Military Industrial Complex, crazy corrupt criminals of war committing crimes against earth humanity via their broadcasting insanity and inhumanity!!

Direly consequential, all of the appearing to be colored skinned dark-shaded-toned-tanned-tinted pigmented persons, often seen talking as studio and on the ground new reporters, are to become only tokens. Whether or not they are a majority or a minority, yet still controlled and dominated by the wicked western world white witchcraft and Sorcerers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes; of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

They allow themselves to be brown nose stooges, sellout sycophants, two faced back stabbing bias bigots who I name to also be; if and when it righteously applies: Black Jackass Uncle Toms. And under the specific circumstances, it is inevitable that they become duped-bribed-brainwashing employees. So closely associating and affiliating with the wrong unkind genotype traits of Messenger RNA & Mitochondria DNA CODES!!! I simply means that these newly employed Whites, come into the alleged Independent & Alternative Media, carrying with them the toxic products of their national environments. Europe & America in particularly, has an outstanding history that is falsified, forged, framed in fraud in fact lies of liars!!!

Moreover, their unwholesome Euro-centric Western educational system is a misleading malediction. Indoctrinating mis-education. Teaching the wrongful image impressions of non-whites worldwide. Thus the learning processes are implanting improper perceptions into the minds of the subjected victims of patriotic citizens, submissive-compliant classroom students. Who are rewarded with high graded scores = A+, honors and top degrees; while the opposing students are called disobedient dissidents, rebellious radicals, and all other manners of denigrating negative name calling, branding and libelous labels!

OK Y’all, these statements of truth are only the intellectual intelligence gathering parts of my Divinely Decreed Cause of Acton. Justly to inform everybody as to the Why & When & Where & What, are the rational reasons this present day governmental system must be made to stand and step aside. Thus to be compelled to comply with the Highest Ancient Ancestral Africa Authorities + Actualized Authentic Artists!!!. Those of We’s & Us’s of the HueMain “RACE” as Sons of SUNGOD’S ALL MIGTHY DIVINE GRACE !!!


1.  COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’S MASTER1 Melanin Media via Ms Cynthia McKinney reports: “Film sent to me this morning:

2.  Stephen Lendman lets us know how far away from journalism what we watch, read, and listen to has strayedPack Journalism Anti-Gaddafi Propaganda – by Stephen Lendman

Western media, especially America’s, mostly ignore multiple Obama wars (including against Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia), focusing mainly on promoting terror bombing Libya, slaughtering civilians to save them.

Ongoing since March 19, killing and destruction continue daily. NATO’s second in command, US Admiral Samuel Locklear, told Congress that Washington wants Gaddafi assassinated. Earlier, one of his sons and three grandchildren were murdered, as well as around 40 Libyan imans, attending a peace conference to end the carnage. Ruthlessly, Obama, the peace candidate, wants it continued, claiming lawless executive privilege to do it.

On the Progressive Radio News Hour, live Tripoli reports discussed hospitals, schools, residential homes, and other non-military targets bombed, civilians killed, anti-NATO anger, and growing popular Gaddafi support, including a million Libyans rallying in Tripoli on his behalf.

On air, Cynthia McKinney said she saw it all, including fishermen killed at sea, food and medicine imports blocked, evidence that mercenary rebels murdered, tortured, harassed and raped dark-skinned residents like herself, and daily terror bombings – war crimes by any standard to conquer, colonize and plunder Libya for profit and greater regional control.

Like McKinney and other Progressive Radio guests, Tripoli-based Western journalists also witness NATO crimes. Nonetheless, their reports airbrush them, providing a sanitized version of war, detached from reality they conceal, no matter the daily horror enough to give anyone nightmares and second thoughts about who’s right and wrong in this conflict.

Is there any doubt? Does it take keen perceptiveness to know? Can human misery be blocked in turning out daily copy? Apparently so, ignoring professional standards, including the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics Preamble, stating:

“….public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility.”

In addition, the Radio-Television News Directors Association Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct stresses public trust, credibility, accuracy, truth, “reporting anything known to be false,” avoiding bias, fairness, integrity, independence, accountability, and meeting their “responsibility to the profession of electronic journalism.”

Clearly major media reporting fails on all counts, serving power at the expense of principle and honor, performing like lapdogs, not providers of real news, information and analysis. Those trying it, in fact, are fired, media bosses intolerant of anything in print or on air contrary to mainstream consensus, supporting wealth and privilege, not truth, integrity and honor.

As a result, America’s media promote war, including bloodlust killing and destruction, prettifying it to seem just, no matter how much lying, distortion, and deceit it takes to do it. It comes with the territory.

For example, Kareem Fahim’s June 30 New York Times article headlined, “Tripoli Refugees Stream Into Libya’s Mountains,” saying:

Ignoring reality, he claims “people (are) fleeing Tripoli,” hundreds leaving to escape “the dreaded People’s Guard carr(ying) long lists of wanted men….Their numbers – more than a hundred families on a recent day alone – suggest a quickening exodus from the capital.” His source – mercenary rebels providing falsified information, not verified accounts from independent sources.

Instead, Fahim quoted a man named Ali Mohammed Rahaybi, saying “he saw signs of resistance to (Gaddafi’s) rule everywhere: in graffiti on schools, at occasional demonstrations, and in the flags drawn on neighborhood walls.”

Apparently he didn’t notice one million pro-Gaddafi Libyans, rallying in Tripoli for him. No Times report covered, or even mentioned, what was too obvious to miss. Instead, Fahim, other Times writers, and all major media ones provide managed news propaganda, violating their profession’s ethical code that’s required to keep their jobs.

A same day Times editorial headlined, “The Libya Campaign,” saying: “Four months into the NATO air campaign, (Gaddafi’s still) protected by loyalists and mercenaries.” “Loyalists?:” yes, a growing majority of Libyans. “Mercenaries?:” in fact, those there are Western recruited cutthroats, armed, trained, funded and directed to ravage, not liberate, Libya for NATO.

Nonetheless, the editorial claims if Gaddafi “ha(s) his way, thousands more Libyans will die. The credibility of NATO would also be severely damaged. (Gaddafi), who has a long history of sponsoring international terrorism, is not one to let bygones be bygones.”

In fact, most Libyans support him, more than ever now against NATO terror bombings, Times hyperbole notwithstanding. Moreover, no humanitarian crisis or mass slaughter happened until America, Britain, France, and other co-conspirators showed up, what no Times editorial or report explains.

This one says “signs of revolt” are evident – against NATO, not Gaddafi. Nonetheless, Times editors say “Washington and NATO must stand firmly with the rebels and reject any solution that does not involve the swift ouster of (Gaddafi) and real freedom for Libyans.”

Omitted was saying only Libyans, (not Washington, NATO, or Times editors), may decide who rules their country. For sure, they abhor the secretive, Western controlled Interim Transitional National Council and their cutthroat mercenary killers, but don’t expect America’s “newspaper of record” to explain.

Nor does Al Jazeera (AJE), waging war on Gaddafi with falsified reports like a June 29 one headlined, “Libya: War and rape,” suggesting: Gaddafi’s forces “used rape as a weapon.” Another on June 9 headlined, “Analysis: “Gaddafi’s ‘rape weapon,’ ” saying:

International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo “said that he has evidence that (Gaddafi) ordered his soldiers to use rape as a weapon of war.” He lied, but AJE didn’t check and report accurately.

In March, AJE claimed Gaddafi supplied his forces with Viagra, saying it was found in their pockets in burned out tanks. The report surfaced in an interview with Suleiman Refadi, a Libyan doctor who claimed, “I have seen Viagra (and) condoms” as part of Gaddafi’s sexual violence campaign.

In fact, Human Rights Watch (HRW) interviewed him earlier, discounting his claims for lacking supportive evidence, including victims and/or witnesses. Moreover, HRW’s Liesel Gerntholtz confirmed that, “We have not been able to find evidence.”

In April, however, Washington’s UN ambassador Susan Rice told Security Council members in a closed door meeting the same thing, saying it’s to encourage mass rape with no corroborating evidence whatever to prove it. 

She lied, based on assessments from other human rights organizations, including Amnesty International (AI), saying its investigation found no evidence that Gaddafi forces committed rapes. 

Moreover, AI learned that rebel forces knowingly made bogus claims based on falsified evidence, showing Rice ICC prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo, and Hillary Clinton lied, saying, “Rape, physical intimidation, sexual harassment, and even so-called ‘virginity tests’ have taken place in countries throughout the region,” including in Libya.

AI’s Donatella Rovera disputed allegations, saying, “we have not found any evidence or a single victim of rape or a doctor who knew about somebody being raped.” In fact, the entire story was fabricated.

AI also found no evidence that Gaddafi is using African mercenaries against rebels, Rovera saying, “The politicians (keep) talking about mercenaries, which inflamed public opinion and the myth has continued” about sub-Saharan Africans in Libya to work, not fight.

Last March, however, Al Jazeera reported the mercenary hoax, citing rebel leader lies instead of investigating and presenting corroborated facts, what many of its accounts fail to do, supporting NATO’s imperial war.

Overall AJE stops short of being anti-imperialist, notably in its pro-Western Libya and Syria reporting, destroying its residual goodwill in the process. Moreover, it downplayed anti-government Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) state demonstrations and/or uprisings, notably in Bahrain with suggestions they’re linked to Iran.

On March 20, Financial Times writers Roula Khalaf and Abeer Allam headlined, “Al-Jazeera’s backing is key for coalition,” saying:

AJE’s “owners, the Qatari royal family (hosting America’s CENTCOM Doha forward headquarters), are among those backing” NATO’s Libya war. So does the Saudi monarchy and its media mouthpiece Al-Arabiya, airing anti-Gaddafi propaganda like AJE, despite Arab street opposition, exposing both operations as pro-Western tools, not reliable news, information and analysis.

Professor As’ad AbuKhalil agrees, recently saying AJE’s “sinister” regional role got “worse, much worse. Yesterday, I was seething all day because it could not break from its annoying, obsessive non-stop (Libya) coverage to report the Israeli murder of Palestinian children.” Instead it focused on Western bombing “successes.”

“It seems that (AJE) now operates according to the Western standards by which Israeli victims are more precious than Palestinian” or Libyan ones, killed by IDF, Pentagon, and NATO terrorism.

As a result, AJE’s pro-Western stance destroys whatever past credibility it had, an awareness growing numbers regionally and elsewhere understand and tune out. Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at ”

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

3.  And meanwhile, two nuclear power plants in Nebraska are in trouble, another problem plant in Japan, radioactive exposure all over the United States, and our President finds the will to bomb Somalia, but there is no will to tell the people of this country the truth about the attendant health effects of radioactive exposure and to shut down all nuclear power plants in this country.  In this clip, Thom Hartmann tells us what we need to know, but not CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS.


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