Master1 Melanin Messiah Media Mental Models + We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests pt2


YES COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts portrays: A Conscious Controlling Capitalist-Corporatist ani-stetch-colork.gifCommunications Conglomeration: = communicating networks joined together as associates, affiliating firms. Money making monopolies so that each one can capitalize on the mental models, market modes of buying beliefs and behaviors in unison. Thus to overpower the public airways, skyways, waterways, also reaching outwards, branching and stretching across all lands, by mass media mindsets of meanness, madness and murders!!!

Interestingly enough y’all, shall I also too, reveal, report and expose over the Internet’s world -wide web; that all of the well known, most popular and prominent so called Civil Rights Groups, that are African American-Black organizations, have sold out on their clientele contituent citizens of America. Doing so a long-time ago really, butt, recently in about the last past 10 years since 9:11; has totally betrayed the trust of people of color!

Old Crow & Bickering Black Birds & Rival rock rodents-roaches-rats-Martians: In short they have collectively accepted the U.S. Federal Governments huge money pledges, financial funds, economic grants in the multimillions of tax payers hard earned monies. Their brief names are: NAACP, SCLC, NUL, Rainbow Push-Plus, The Black Christian Churches, and many other less known minority affronted affiliates and firms!!!

NO No no, trust not in nother else they say and promote on TV & Radio & Digital Media.  Look closed and see exactly what I’m talking about how the middle class Black Jackass Uncle Toms = Demons are only out for their self-serving criminal corruption; exploiting expediently the lower class. Thus duped-bribed-brainwashed, they are in fact of the giant vampire empire builders of the Pharmaceutical-Military-Prison Industrial Complexes!!! Pure Capitalist Money Green Gluttonous Greed too = $$$ And y’all may read my full story book bible blogs well researched, referenced at: HIV vs. AIDS!!

Certainly conglomerated these communications corporations are owned and operated by the corrupt capitalist criminals who are the enemy energy entity Empire Builders; and of Globalization instead of my unique original creation: GlobalWorldNations!!

Moreover, as the news networks conglomerate, into a number of different things or parts that are put in place or grouped together, they form a whole butt remain distinct entities. And have the very same insane objectives as control freaks, reporting news stories, writing journals and posting columns concurring with all of the their other business branches and companies. Carried out in a clandestine manner so as to sound sensible-sane and true, seeing that all the viewers and listening audiences actually see and hear are their single sided stories. Repeated redundantly until the gullible and naïve public starts to believe in these so called news reports. Many people never questioning the truest contextual contents of their characters. Surely I’m talking about the huge numbers of foolish and unwise folks!!

Therefore as I’ve also analyzed and artistically synthesized the collective data and information, my bright brilliant brain computer calculated that the toxins have filled the container of societies to their brims with contaminated caustic causes. Chemical gaseous fumes of politicized poisons!

Over-populating people’s pollution as bodily emissions.  Stored inside the their intoxicated musle tissues and fat cells, tendons, ligaments, blood-bones and marrows. And this is inflammatory, internalized climatic changes causing criminalizing conflicts. Coupled, combined with combustive citizens in loud outcries, outrages and outburst of flaming terrorist tempers of Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

So then y’all by being brainwashed so thoroughly, when these duped dummies hear others, like my own self, express our freedom of speech rights openly, they attempt to intimidate us. In hopes of stopping our voices from being heard publicly online via the Internet’s World Wide Web!!!

SITTING BACK GIVING HIS ORDERS DAILY: as dictator director. de-democrasizing free press. Especially the females are being intimidated by racist-sexist-egoist-fascist-supremacist wicked white witchcraft of sick sorcerer males. Bullying and bluffing; butt are big belly cowards. Hiding behind their prestigious titles, superficial faker images, while power tripping. Dictator tyrants inducing fright and fears into the minds-heartsspirits-souls of the employed career workers, staffs, journalists, columnists and news reporters. Do as the company dictates, stay strictly in line with the political policies, real and imagined, or else? Be fired, terminated, eliminated and kick off the job = unemployable!!!

DISSAPPOINTED & MAD with a white male egoist temper tantrun: Of course Big Daddy spread the word around to their other associates and affiliates of the corporatist capitalist conglomerate, not to re-hire the person or individuals who they have branded. Labeled as dissidents, wackos-sickos who refused to comply and submit to the rules and regulations of the overall and in general media networks of mass mental murders. And many members are devastated into an abysmally deep depression due to mental trauma. Thus sometimes becomes homicidal and suicidal!!

animation16-transition-.gifCOLOR KINGDOM NWCA portrays: Cruel Censorship occurring daily, is being charged against CNN especially. As I have learned personally through experience plus by listening very closely, reading solemnly what complaining account members are saying. Large numbers are decrying file play, asking key questions; ‘why are their posts being blocked?’. Calling CNN out by name and also at Yahoo news posts. Which make my mind strongly suspect that these vociferous clients posting at these free forums, are correct in their allegations. ‘Damn you CNN, I can go to many other forums where there is no censuring of my freedom of speech’!

CNN CENSORSHIP: Others proclaim that there are potential spies being paid or hired hands to come on under anonymous names and false identities, who are actually working with the bogus, bias and bigoted broadcasting stations. Sometimes I do indeed post positive replies telling the harmed or restricted fellow citizens, not to worry so much about how they choose to run their company business. Because in the long run they shall make the wrong ENEMY, who will witness their declines or even demise, which at the exact some time, their biggest competitor shall overcome them = ALJAZEERA -ARAB. +

My being a B.A. Degree Commercial-Fine-Advertising Artists: Lets say for example exposing their dirty deeds openly to the public Internet worldwide.  Hit hard their big back pockets, bank billings and employment potentials. For messing with me! The wrong Per-Sun and Son of SUNGOD. And y’all know that the Middle East Africa-Arab-Asia Aljazeera, are to take the leadership roles as the number one most trusted communications entity of the conglomeration.Acquiring the largest stock market shares. However; let me think,  I’m not saying that they are not also doing racially bias news reporting too!!

Butt less racist, and what I am saying is that as they come online to participate in open forums of supposed to be democracy’s freedom of speech and of artistic expression, they don’t expect to become subjected victims of hegemony hyprocrisy And. the posting problems, of posting persons are purposely concocted. They constantly have to solve arguments due to conflicts well intended. Negative name calling and personal attacks being ignored by CNN, while blocking and banning those intelligent account holders who are making sound sense.

BUTT, decent rule abiding persons are allowed to be labelled by the idiots, ignoramus implants all manner of slanderous insults in gross violation of their own stated rules of courteous conduct and terms of agreement.  Which are only hypocrically bogus wordings and bias bigotry and a double standard for behavior. And these one-sided very same white privileges; “honky idiology”, is going on in our overall and general societies. Permitting especially the racist whites to trash up the post forums with their junky low life classless attitudes; while restricting the smarter people of color voicing their disapproval and or critical point of views and opinions. Thus Knowledge!

anim-paralyzecolorking.gifYES FOCUS + CLARITY Butt Beware of deliberate BLURRED VISION:  Because for certain these are widespread practices, forming flagrant patterns all across the dis-United States of Anglo-America. Gross distions of true realities. That’s the persistent pitching and pitting posters and citizens against one another, to keep them distracted and off balance by blatant personal name calling. Clearly in gross and direct violations of the stated guidelines and terms of agreement, of have a courteous, respectful forum and common decency dialog. Yet they ignore these vulgar, slanderous infiltrators intentionally we suspect. Permitting them to make private attacks written to anger their fellowman and fellow woman to turn them in upon themselves as cutthroats.

Getting pleasure out of punching the “Report Abuse” button, every time they disagree with some one else’s research studies, inclusively my own. So I inform the whining cry babies, I don’t personally care animation17-luminou.gifabout what you think nor say or write negatively about me! Because I’m brave and bold, strong in my SUNGOD’S Love Life Light Locks, and in the powers of His All MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

However, this may not at all cheer the censored writers up whatsoever, although I do try to add a little lovin’ faith always with a happy-healthy good sense of holistic healing humor yawls. Letting them know that as they do the same censoring to me, they in effect are doing it unto themselves.

I’m not only a True-Up ArtistCHD, also an effective Warrior as a VICTOR. And is helping all those who were blocked, banned blatantly and bogusly for being smart and educated and highly intelligent intellectuals. Those who have done their homework studies and in depth research before posting opinions, theories and beliefs. Seeing how they take their message posts seriously important and demand to be heard equably. Which is what the United States of America suppose to be about = real democracy vs. hegemony hypocrisy!!

Therefore, knowing how I truly feel, even wearing my protective suit of armor defending my kindhearted nature, their cases are combined with my own to strengthen the charges against CNN. And all others who think that they can successfully salience the demonstrating voices of WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests!!

Furthermore when or as Africans in America, so called “Blacks”; and other people of Melanated skin color come online to post opinions and or to share their newly discovered knowledge, they/we are personally attacked by a lynch mob of undercover cowardice Caucasoid Caucasian creatures = Klu Klux Klan mentalities. Neo Nazis launched insults, Skin Head hideous hostility hatred, and Aryan Brotherhood bias bigotry. Telling us to go away, stop posting, attempting to talk for every other white person by saying nobody wants to hear your words = insults, verbal assaults, denigrating negative name calling stereotypes!!

NOISE eh? And my motto is smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of holistic healing humor yawls. Play another sweet sounding song for my listenig ears, I just love to feed on that stupid stuff, it’s all good and bad, right and wrong!! MUSIC.

HAPPILY & JOYOUSLY: I respond to their bad seed genotype trait psychotic Caucasoid Caucasian crap; by firing righteously back at them in no uncertainl terms, personally redirected strictly on target to intentionally hurt and harm their racist white supremacist butts. Their mommas and daddies and grandparent too, divinely decreed cursed also. Courageously I might reply in like unkindness as a KARMIC return racial thymes and thythms 100%+ funny-comical-laughable.

Beautiful aesthetic notes poetically played in perfect performances, on the musical scale of life. In other simple words I can and will calmly conduct creative compositions against my opponents, orchestrate a ColorizedSolarizedSpiritualized Metaphysical symphony of resounding responses and shall shoot back to lain, cripple or kill!!!

YES, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD exercises his spiritual powers via his Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP + LapP!!

And I’m never going to be one of their subjective victims whining and crying and punching “The abuse buttons” complaining about somebody using the N…word or racial slurs-slander. I say “bring it on”! Because I have huge cruise missile messages to send back in rocketing revenge and reversing racialist restitutions–retaliations. = lawful freedom of speech and artistic expression = total truth telling Cause of Action!  

MP3 song sound tracks loaded up to engage and launch. Stokepiles of delightful pleasures prepared= Rare-Rich-Royal treasures. After all I’m a trained Vietnam Veteran. I fear no whip cracker white man personal being! Nor Uncle Tom!

FORTUNES Founded + Fame Forthcoming: Thereby, in my particular case, it is expected that after shooting so many angry-Anglo-Americans down, knocking them out in hot heated blood battles, one by one, two by two and in mobster groups, surely the CNN owners, sponsors who are also Whites, step in. Taking sides prejudicially because of my/our boldly brave BLACKNESS and natural Africa-Africoid Controlling Dominances!!!

No doubt, they hate our courageous kind with a wicked western world wicked witchcraft Whiteness passion. Albeit, may I never forget to remind y’all that there is about a 10% to 12% Rare-Rich-Royal few, in heart-mind, spirit and soul. Those who I proudly named to be our GREAT WHITE HOPE ABOLITIONIST Minded Men & Women!!!

The good-decent biological genotype trait seeds, that were saved and redeemed by Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Natures. She healed and cured them of their afflictions, infections, and cured their deadly diseases, scientists have revealed and reported to had been mutations. Mutants who suffered from being lepers of the contagious disease leprosy, and sometimes combined with Albinism of Albinos. Medically due to a defective-dysfunction Pineal Gland generator of the substance Melanin. Which gives most of us our darker-shaded-toned-tanned skin pigmentation appearing as blackish – bluish – brownish in colorations.

Plus permits our ability to activate our SPIRITUALITY, perhaps though the patterned pathways of what is termed Metaphysics. And these are just some of the simply stated facts of truth confirmed by scientists, esp., those pearly pink “pale face” people of European origin. Butt these statements of truth hurt the hell out of the bad-bio-seed indecent white witches and sinister sorcerers. They are extremely offensive to racists and humanity haters. Because they wish to keep on contriving to control the CONROLLER COMSIC CREATOR of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

Likewise these phenomenal research studies can easily be found by a computer’s online Internet Search Engines = Yahoo or Google or so many other competitive companies. So there’s no justifiable excuses and pitiful sorry ass alibis for the hateful and hostile negative name calling, when the knowledge is open to everyone to acquire. And if in fact these lazy bombs want to stay dumb downed dirty low life white trailer trash tong twisted “trolls”; then so be. That’s their personal choices.

However may We’s & Us’s never be deterred, justice obstructed and or blocked postings; and sit back and complain like little cry babies. Because our Spiritual Karmic Forces are real and may be activated in retaliations-revenges-restitutions-retributions and for reparations for all the past and present damage done to African American Blacks. Butt, hold on, y’all have to be some smartly apt long-winded avid readers, of all of my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. All for financially free of monetary charge = $$$

That strictly tell you as an individual and as a collective group as Majorities and not minorities; as a mandatory must do, “DIVEST” yourselves of all of the while man made up, manufactured mythological religions. They are proven fraud in fact lies of liars, and you are to no longer trust the major media, never again believe in what they broadcast daily without first taking a seriously critical look at and crucial view at their news reports. Plainly and simply  Stop-Point-Blank-Period.

POPULATION CONTAINMENT CONTROLS: Is what these conglomerating communications corporations are contriving to achieve. Evil conspiracies where they work in cahoots-collusion with one another in order to impose powers to influence or direct people’s behaviors or the course of events!! Along with trying to keep the female sex-gender under the controlling domineering ruler slave ships and sexist dictatorships of white males. Even paying some of them career high professional salaries, as bribery bucks, cash cows hush money.

Of course she has to learn how to act like a male of Masculinity instead of Femininity. Think as if her nature was of a man’s mentality. Become a warmonger and hatemonger woman who follow orders well and get along with white men. Then she’s considered one of the boys, really cool. Far above the rest of the silly little childish girl scouts!!!

Right here at homeland insecurity acts is where to personal problem starts and the bogus brainwashing never stops. Surreptitiously intervening, invading the living human body organism through these media outlets, networks, TV & Radio & News Papers, magazines and fictitious or fraudulent documentaries publicized as being true history and existing realities. These nevertheless, are vicious “Mind Viruses” = MENTAL VIRONS!!!

MEDIA MONSTERS-DEMONS-DEVILS: How do they get our youthful teenage boys and girls, young women and men to volunteer to join the United States Armed Forces, Pentagon’s Military madness, other than through the above stated channels of duping-bribing-brainwashing media manufactured myths. Telling them that they are fighting for freedom, democracy, for their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & their “God“. Racially profiling the alleged “Enemy Combatants” who simply oppose the racist white Supremacy Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!


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The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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