My Mastermind Melanin Media Messiah Mental Models pt4

YES: Sanimation8-colorking-rotate.giftrictly and specifically this surely does mean that The Originator Creator ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, is not pleading, begging no one to believe or agree with them whatsoever. Nor trying to convince the inconvincible stubborn, hardheaded idiot ignoramuses who do not have the mental capacity of brain ability, to comprehend and apprehend the phenomena of Infinitive Intellectual Intelligence of the Universal Mind. And they can never truly understand the silent SPIRITUAL Metaphysical Forces of the Ether that Be. Especially the majority of White males and females whose Pineal Gland is said to be calcified = defective-dysfunctional = do not enable them to generate or produce enough of the hormonal substance MELANIN = creator of our Africa-Africoid-Negroid Solar Sexus Souls SPIRITUALITY. A direct linking connection to the Spirit Source Science System of our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!



“Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind…what we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.” (D. Chopra)


“The United States is known to have possessed three types of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons. The U.S. is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in combat. The U.S. also used chemical weapons in World War I. It had secretly developed the earliest form of the atomic weapon during the 1940s under the title “Manhattan Project“.[1] The United States pioneered both the development of the nuclear fission as well as the hydrogen (nuclear fusion) bomb. It was the world’s first and only nuclear power for four years before being joined in the “nuclear club” by the Soviet Union.”


“Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom… Our thoughts, our words and deeds are the threads of the net which we throw around ourselves.” (Swami Vivekananda)


REVELATIONS + PROPHECY = Indubitably these are the words of wisdom written, sent out in two thousand E-mail messages, and blog posted all around our Global-World-Nations, only hours after the devilish dis-United States of America angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda, violently violated U.S. Constitutional-Statutory-Internal Laws, including, Native-Natural Laws, Universal Laws, and Karmic Spiritual Metaphysical Laws!!!  As it stands today in our present…, flagrantly attacking, blatantly bombing the very COSMIC CREATOR’S cradle-birthplace of HIS & HER Happy Healed-Healthy-Humored-Holistic HueMain “RACE”!


Which Libya is a member country-nation-state of. And it is SHE who shall deliver the hardest blows back against the USA, Europe & Arab leaders, and everybody else who has joined these thugs. Divinely decreed curses courageously summoned against all involved-Evil Conspirators who are in profiteering-racketeering cahoots collusion working with the wicked western nations of hatemongers and warmongers.


Certainly I mean strictly, completely and consummately all coalition allies, excusing nobody and baring none! No rite/right of passage nor PASS!!! Furthermore since this divinely decreed summons was issued, the repercussions are devastating and has been extremely danger and destructive against these antagonist American Anglo-Al’Qaeda Arch Angel Adversary Aliens = inhumane beings!!!


YES: As the USA destruct – destroy – demilitarized and de-weaponized their Biological & Chemical weapons of mass destruction; they stealthily and surreptitiously started to concentrate their primary focus on mind containment controls of the public people’s populations.


MEDIA major mainstream mass mentality murders = “Menticides; = manmade mediums manufactured myths.” = MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses” through the agents I name to be: PYSCHOGON = PYSCHOGOINICS!!! The g is pronounced as in j or G = J.

The United States of America, is an expert authority on mind control apparatus applications and mental mechanisms of understanding advanced psychology. Americanized Weaponized Warfare via Fabricated Fraud in Fact Lies of Leading Liars!

Stridently strong emphasis placed in the application of imposing prejudicing political propaganda poisoning on persons and places of public people’s populations. Perpetrating prejudicial mindsets. Those that are activated to be used as ammunition or munitions, aimed at selected targets and racially profiled ethnic and cultural citizens of colorful complexions. Groups of darker-shaded-toned-tanned MELANINIZED members of internal and external societies.

Expressed in basic, elementary, plain-o-simplified wordings, just ask these fundamental questions: Why waste or spend money on actually acquiring chemical and biological weaponry; when it is more cost effective to cause foolish and unwise citizens to…THINK…or… BELIEVE… that you did? And, is it not more effective to fool the mind into thinking that it is sickly, believing that they are ailing, and or infected with a contagious virus or deadly disease; than to invest millions into really bio-chemically engineering them?

Certainly there are no Geneva Conventions, Chemical War Convention, Offensive Biological Weapons Treaties, nor any other types of bans and restrictions and international prohibitions. Absolutely nothing to make these hatemonger and warmongers, racists-sexists-fascists-supremacists-egoists to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. None other than the most mighty powerful forces of SUNGOD + LOVE GOGGESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!


Read the paralleling retaliations and retributions: >>>>


The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = restitutions-retributions-revenges-retaliating terror + Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD


Collaborating research ref. “When the whites mutated into their present conditions, they grew a bony substance, calcium, on their pineal gland*, thus, restricting them to a very minimum amount, if any, of melanin, and making their pineal gland non functional. Melanin is what makes people human, it connects people with the creative forces of the universe.” melanosis.”

MELANIN DEFICIENCY PATHOLOGY = MELANOMIC = Skin cancer: killing an overwhelming number and majority of so called “Whites”. Butt they attempt to con in Blacks and Browns buy their sunscreen rub on lotions, alleged protections from Ultra Violet SUNGOD rays of radiant energies. In hopes of expanding the money profit capital gains and stock market shares in sells. Advertising commercially by broadcasted media that We’s & Us’s need to purchase product too.

BUTT BULL SHIT = HEL NO: Thus to deceptively distract us from the fact of reality that it is them, the Eurocentric Caucasoid Caucasian “pale face” fair skinned people lacking a natural earthy darker-shaded-tanned-tinted color complexion. Reports reveals: “In young white females, higher socioeconomic status is linked with increased melanoma risk, according to new research published online today in Archives of Dermatology. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, killing an estimated 8,700 people in the US in 2010.” Certainly they try to hide the racial-ethnic truth by generalizing and playing colorblind!!!

Albeit, the one and only Problem Solving Solution, Healthful healing cure if to go back into the homeland Hue-Main “RACE”; biologically R1-00Athrough the patterned pathways was to genetic physiology. Commonly called; = Interracial dating-mating-mixing-marry. In order to produce our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions.

Furthermore, that definitely means media = melanin medium of trustworthy travel, reentering the dark blackish-bluish-brownish  Originator Creator Negroid Africoid African!!!  Have babies born with native-natural copper tone suntans. Melanin Messiahs like me.  Or else eventually go extinct and be eliminated and terminated from the face of our living planetary sphere earthly body organism. Do or die off!!!

“As with all skin cancers, people with fairer skin (who often have lighter hair and eye color as well) are at increased risk. Do you know your skin type? Click here to take our Skin Type Quiz.”

What they truly mean is White people, Caucasian Caucasoid light skinned human beings to be specific. And they only like playing the race card, when they wish to make unfavorable comparisons with blacks and whites, with them being broadcast to have the superior advantage over people of darker skin pigmentation at a disadvantage.

These gross distortions of the truth, damages their brains cells more so than anything else, I believe. Increasing calcification,  even I think. So let it be openly known that the “pale faces” don’t belong in these hotter-arid regions and sunny geographical lands. They are the apparent illegal aliens, foreigners who are violent, hostile and hateful invaders and oppressive occupiers.

PRESUMABLY: The strong sun rays must have driven many of them criminally crazy; howsoever, only after they eat and consume and superficially rub on all of these commercialized chemical compounds of the capitalist-corporatist-conglomerates. Cashing in on the currencies and graveyard cemeteries. Committng genocide against Afrindians and clinically enslaving Africans today.  What more proof do we need? And these are the direct devilish dire consequences = Melanoma skin cancers and other dangerous deadly epidermal-skin diseases!!!

“Pineal Gland: A Cognitive Advantage for Africans Racial differences have been noted in the rate of pineal calcification as seen in plain skull radiographs. In Caucasians, calcified pineal is visualized in about 50% of adult skull radiographs after the age of 40 years (Wurtman et al, 1964); other scholars argue that Caucasians, in general, may have rates of pineal gland calcification as high as ­60-80% (King, 2001). Murphy (1968) reported a radiological pineal calcification rate of 2% from Uganda, while Daramola and Olowu (1972) in Lagos, Nigeria found a rate of 5%. Adeloye and Felson (1974) found that calcified pineal was twice as common in White Americans as in Blacks in the same city, strengthening a suspicion that there may be a true racial difference with respect to this apparatus. In India a frequency of 13.6% was found (Pande et al, 1984). Calcified pineal gland is a common finding in plain skull radiographs and its value in identifying the midline is still complementary to modern neuroradiological imaging.”

YES My Master1 Melanin Media Messiah Mental Models, upsets and perturbs phony white scholars and historians. Those who stood up and or sat upon their sorry political posteriors going against the highly qualified, truly educated, intellectually intelligent geniuses  who were and are Africa’s Africoid-Negroid HueMain beings. African Americans who know what they are talking about; through many personal years of experiences, in dept research studies, analysis and thorough synthesis in collected date and key information, etc.

“Facts of Skin Cancer: Cancer of the skin is the most common of all cancers. About 70,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year. Skin cancer most often occurs among older, fair-skinned people and is rare among black people. Most skin cancers are either the basal cell or squamous cell type. These types of cancers tend to grow slowly and spread little and nearly 95% can be cured.”

Meaning the Whites are dying off by unnatural selection. And so they are forced their bio-scientists to lie to the public about this myth = “HIV/AIDS” which is proved never to have ever existed. And there has never been a “Black AIDS’ epidemic, nor Asian-African pandemic upon the face of planet earth.  They are only more media medicinal murders, manufactured,  white man made “HIV” myths coupled with the AIDS HOAX!!! = MEDIA MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”!

Read revealing reports:  Fear mongering in hopes of scaring non-whites of homeland Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature Africa’s ascendance, commonly called descendants. And to kill We’s & Us’s off systematically through poisonous pharmacuetical prescription pills, chemically concocted coctail combinations and other lethal dopy drugs. While making money in the multi-millions, in mass murdering people of Melanin skin colorations.  Then blaming the innocent defenseless, harmless, invisible, never seen or scientifically isolated, phantom  “human immuno-deficiency virus”. However, it is backfiring in their foolish unfair faces!!! GIFTED GRADUATES of Great Genesis Genius; And I’ve watched YouTube presentations galore, looking at how these hateful Eurocentric “pale face” fools reject solid ironclad proofs and evidences leading to the total told truth, on numerous occassions. They literally dispise real “Black History”; try to bury honest World Historicity, and can’t stand the teaching of cultural “Ethnic Studies” in schools-colleges-universities; whatsoever. Then turn right round and psychotically deny that they are hypocritical-prejudiced RACISTS!!!

YES CONCENTRATED ENERGIES:  This is exactly where the truest challenges for world power, controls and dominances come into performance plays. The most interesting time period to be living in well and healthy. So the all of us can openly anima-underwater.gifsee and ostensibly witness who is the real “God”; the ONE and only true SUNGOD. The whole wide world witnessing the most powerful energy entities existing in their Native-Natural Laws, Spiritual Laws; encompassing the Laws of Physics & Chemistry!!

BUTT BLESSEDLY BETTER BEST BEWARE “If you’re headed for the sun-baked shores, be warned: A new study shows a link between warm-weather vacations and greater numbers of moles in white women. Since large numbers of moles are a risk factor for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, the implications are frightening. According to a study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, white English women who vacation in hot countries have 74 percent more moles than those who have never vacationed in tropical climates.“.

Yes these white man made manufactured chemical concoctions contained in so called sunscreen lotions, carries cancer causing combustive chemistry. And interact adversely with our energized radiant rays of GODSUN. Remember that only CKNWCA  honestly and truthfully tells y’all these facts of reality!!!

lotionumbrellaI have already sent spiritualized summons for only a very special few who are Rare-Rich-Royal. Essentials as a necessitated need to be the MASTER’S Mind Media Melanin Messiahs. And always remember that colorations are only skin deep, superficial and artificial. So then y’all to be born “Black” is to be beautiful on the inside, aesthetical akin to all humane thinking, believing and knowing beings living here on the surface of planetary sphere earth. Inclusively, those leaderships who are strongly against these patriotic poisonous political pundits. Warmongers and hatemongers who wrongly thing that democracy and freedoms and liberties means for them to intervene, interfere with, invade others indigenous native lands.

And definitively and finally yes, COLOR KINGDOM NWCA depicts: We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Protests, has a personal and collective responsibility to “Act Now To Stop War And End Racism” = “A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition.”  And in my own words by the artistic actualized actions as prescribed herein; to force all of them; USA, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and all of their terrorist coalition criminals and hateful human rights violator allies to: Stop-Point-Blank-Period. Via The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature!!!

It’s all unfolding as I’ve envisioned them to happen in a pre-planned, pre-viewed Spiritual Metaphysical Reality. Sort of like a imaginary dream world come true. Ya sense you’ve been there before now today in some remote distant place, location astronomical miles away. And this enables my instinctive-intuitive knowing, going extensively animation2.gifbeyond the brain’s intellectual learning of finite thinking. An authentic artistic actualized reality, sketched-drawn and pre-pared = painted into our world of physical being. Chiseled from hard solid stones, carved carefully in wet clay that hardens then sculptured from rock. This is co-creating and or acting artfully as a Co-Creator Originator Designer. This means art working with Mother Earth Nature + Heavenly Father SUNGOD!!

Therefore, since their INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM, that’s of course, degrading discrimination against WE’s & US’s healthy, happy, healed, humored holistic HueMains, it’s all good, it’s all gravely. Because our natural abilities = Master1Melanin Media; are more meaningful mediums or realms to distribute massive amounts of information all around our Global-World-Nations!!! I call this artistic aptitude Ordered Organizations Operations Communications

Those I’ve revealed and reported about have already run completely out of time, their grace period ended, in January 1, 2011…12:00 am. In whatsoever time zone they lived in at that moment. They are morally and ethnically bankrupt and broken off from any possible communicative connection to Spirituality. And their existing reality is destined to be their individual and collective End Time Days of Reckoning; Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning.

Yes, it’s certainly clear that the end of the world for millions of folks. It’s certainly a sad situation of death and destruction for those hit-hardest by the activated energy entities. In which I so often write about. And there’s no man made mass manufactured media that can stop these cataclysmic currency climatic changes = cause of action. Capitalist Corporatist Conglomerates are like little babies to these perfectly placed POWERS!!!


YES: Integrations in the solemn midst of separation, desegregations coming into being as segregation occurs. Unity happening along with Disunity and Divisions. Seeding and weeding the colorful and green garden VegePlanTerRain. So that potently positive potentials produces progress = process perfected. Green Thumb:

Fortunately and unfortunately; And this means millions of some-bodies just got to go! Has to be put down and decisively die!!! No after life, no coming back – reincarnation nor rebirth or being born again. Cut off permanently for failing to do the best that a person can or could under all circumstances regardless of the outcomes. Thus refuse repeatedly to become productive in something that helps humanity’s sanity, instead, chose to profit from harming and hurting others for monetary profit pleasures, fun and gambling games against the odds of fate!!! Acting in bad faith instead of acting in good faith!!

FORTUNATELY; When the Europeans and or Eurasians wrote themselves into Africa’s ancient ancestral historicity. Thus stealing and taking what belongs to true Africoid-Negroid Africans, they fail flat of their unfair faces; because none of them could tap into our historical dark-shaded-toned MELANINATED states of heing humans. Cruel captures, entrapment enslavement is all that he could criminally do to feed his inferior inflated egoist ambitions. As it is right now today with his military and mass murdering media mind killing tactics of torment-torture and terror!!! 

Furthermore; all decent good GREAT WHITE HOPE ABOLITIONIST Minded Women & Men; know exactly what I’m talking about.  There is no white “God” nowhere and never has been, nor one seated upon some heavenly thrown in the clouds with white winged angels around Him. There is no high judge casting judgment down on nobody and thee religious beliefs are all bogus, bigoted and blatantly bias! Concoction of make believe media manufactured myths!

“The “superiority complex” of white people is a mask for their deepset inferiority complex which they project onto people of color. They have an inferiority complex about their lack of color in a world where everyone else (the majority) is colored. If Albinos really believed white skin was “superior,” then why is “tanning” so important in white culture despite its known health risks? (thousands of whites die annually from skin cancer). In fact, Albinos are now making Melanin tanning ointments. The Wall Street Journal (8/26/88) reported that companies are developing Melanin-based products to help whites tan safely: a California company is developing a Melanin ointment that blocks the entire spectrum of burning ultraviolet rays; researchers in Arizona are testing an ointment that stimulates the skin to produce a natural melanin tan before you go out to the sunlight. And it is the white female who tells you her ideal mate is “tall, DARK, and handsome!” “Dark” indeed refers to more Melanin!”

BUTT, mind y’all what do indeed, in truth exist is our reflections as if looking in a glass mirror. A KARMIC action causing reactions. Realistically as a Real-Live-Vision. And this is how to intentionally generate the energies of chemical changes, the rearrangement of climatic circumstances, shifting sensibilities so that the winds blows upon us in a beauteously blessed beneficial better way. And not get ourselves blown away by violent tornado twisters and horrific hurricanes!!!

 Automatically going into the “gap” for divine protection, and spontaneous correct decisions made to go underground, take cover, lay low. And divinely inspirit guidance activated at the crucially critical times that we need them the most. Staying totally tuned and in touch with our innate-intrinsic intuitive instincts. The rhythmic cadence, pulsating heart beats and impulses of thoughts. Being in Love Peace & Harmony with Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

CK-NWCA portrays: “By Owen Waters While physics is the study of physical reality, metaphysics includes that which is beyond the physical, but not necessarily the spiritual. Spiritual metaphysics takes an entirely different orientation. Spiritual metaphysics sees an ultimate, metaphysical source of all creation as the basis of reality.”

Albeit, as a MASTER’S Mind Melanin Messiah, I remind y’all that just because one can intellectualize on information written, collected and studied by various other intellectuals, academic writers, don’t do anything to activate these spiritualized energies. Just by my or any one else talking smoothly about these universal phenomena, can’t in any form-shape or fashion, going to give us some special ability to be able to use what we think we know about SPIRITUALITY SUBLIME. And I vehemently proclaim, that activation, self-actualization is an artistic talent and free gift of grace, endowment blessing bestowed on a Royal Rich Rare few. And know that I’m not taking about money richness nor financial wealth whatsoever in the least!

Howsoever, we all have natural gifts that we can acquire the ability via skills to artfully apply and use to serve our monetary purposes, economic best interests, etc. And the Spiritual Metaphysical Forces + Karmic actions are inborn at conceptual birth. Either one has it or they don’t. And it is always with the called and chosen ones, no material matter if they realize it or not. We’s & Us’s are anointed and appointed and ordained. These intrinsic factors are real and they function automatically under all circumstances in spite of the person’s conscious awareness levels. It is that it is; they are that they are, and I AM THT I AM The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD!!!

Nevertheless those of us who internally, instinctively and intuitively KNOW, who we are and our primary purpose in physical bodily life art form, can increase our native abilities through meditative concentrations, focused psychological perceptions directed at objectives or other living objective. Thoughts are minute pulsations of energies, which requires a transformer, a catalyst to cause it to become available as a tool, implement, instrument, and or weapon!

.For instance, is some one takes a gifted artist, who is also a Warrior & Victor, then give him or impose upon him a falsified religion, fictitious politicized religious belief system, then he may become neutralized. Unknowingly. Thus to tell him and teach him to turn the other cheek when physically or verbally attacked, disarms him. To reinforce this counter-acting approach, demand that through these religion that he forgive his energies, bless them regardless of the severe damages that they cause, allows the guilty parties to temporarily escape Divine Curses, Judgment & Justice!!!

Now, this is where and when Self-Realization and Self-Actualization comes into performance plays = TO LOVE THY SELF. Reinstates, reconstitutes, repairs the damages done which caused the temporary disconnection; which was only a redirection away from the true artist’s Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!

This deception goes along with giving him some concocted, fabricated white male person being as his “God” Lord & Savior = the alleged legendary sweet “Jesus Christ”. The European Caucasoid Caucasian creation that never truly existed. Then he, looses his direct contact, perspective view on the ostensibly obvious SUNGOD = GODSUN of his Love Life Light Locks!!!!

Mad man’s mass murdering media: Is what has taken place. And the cunning craftiness of witchcraft and sorcerers psychotic delusions and mental illusions broadcast publicly. Shaping the opinion of people, controlling what they think and dominating the mindset of what and who they believe thus how they behave.

Moreover, come into his artistic aptitude, though his parents, grandparents who fail prey to the religious political of their day. Allow them to indoctrinate him, as they think that it’s a proper Christian education. Feed this young impressionable black and brown boy, to humble himself and bow down to the white male’s image of “GOD”! Whip his ass if he tries to rebel, be disobedient, stubborn and hard headed. Beat and batter his butt!

As I’ve said in my blogs before, my self-realization, conscious awakening awareness of being a Son of SUNGOD, I’ve also shifted directions in what I name to be My True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVison = Real-Live-Vision. Something I can openly see with my own two eyes, visually and not some imaginary religious concept. I can feel His Masculine warmth, it’s or His Heavenly healing heat as healthy hot as Hades Hell Fires.

It has a self-containment control of its temperature and so must I have containment controls of my temperament. It shines brilliantly bright globally and worldwide and so am I to shine my brilliantly bright brain all around our Global-World-Nations!!!

My Mastermind Melanized Media Metaphysical Spirituality Sublime: Being the very same ones that our ancient African ancestors actualized artistically to authenticate their spiritual gifts and physical talents. Thus to build the grand Pyramids and Monumental Sculptures-Statues of these great civilizations of historicity. The Original Creating Africoid-Negroid Huemain Beings. And at those ancient time periods there were no known mutants from lepers as evolved Albino White Caucasian Caucasoid creatures or citizens. Nor were there any recognizable Yellow Mongoloid members of the human “RACE”!!!

TRANSCENDING ALL MATERIAL MATTER: Faster than the speed of sound and light, space and time as we calculate, estimate and speculate on them. And the capitalist corporate conglomerate creatures; the giant vampire empire builders, are made into little white dwarfs. Vibrating at an inferior lower frequency. Due to not having enough stored up or generated Pineal Gland hormone MELANIN.

Therefore after the thousands of years of ice age Caucasus cave mountain range lifestyles, they came back into continental homeland Mother Africa with a vengeance. As ‘savage beast barbarians’ with bad behaviors. And felt compelled to develop their intellectual faculty in order to begin to try and understand where they initially came from, when and why? However frustrated and disappointed, and still don’t know today, they resorted to negative name calling, racial-ethnic-cultural cleansing, killing off any one and everybody who they anima-stear.gifsaw not looking like them. Hysterical paranoid cowards. Expressly fearful of heavily Melaninated native people of color and indigenous inhabitants honoring their/our SUNGOD = GODSUN!!

Out of ignorance and stupidity, the “pale face” white man made up himself to be the one and only “God” person male being European. Then to reinforce and fortify is fictitious self-image, he manufactured metal into mighty military methods and means of warfare. Using everything he intellectually learned to convert this know-how in battle plans to take what he wanted. To rape-rob, pillage and plunder people of color all over the whole wide world. Seeing how nobody else ever thought about enslaving their fellow folks, capturing humans and animals putting them into cages, jails and prison cells, death camps of terrifying torment and torture and in cruel zoos!!!

These were loving human beings, kindhearted, nice and friendly; and foolishly trusting. Butt, after centuries of criminal crazy creature Caucasoid Caucasians arrivals, these darker skinned natives, Afrindians, have also learned bloody battles in deadly warfare. And has learned how to hate his dogged ass righteously back, and can act just as crazy and psychotic and insane as the White males are. Proving the we can beat his brains out at his own gambling games. And he realizes that he has F….ed up big time!!!

A certain small percentage of the so called African Americans = Blacks, that proves to be potentially great sports figures, athletes and comical entertainers, are paid multimillion dollar salaries to play ball. Run the fastest and jump the highest and leap the longest. A legal-lawful maneuver that equals his intellectual reasoning, and not necessarily his intelligence; to dupe-brainwash and bribe these sublimely spirited, gifted and talented Africoid Africans in America and in Europe. Convincing them to willingly sellout, to abandon their “Black Power” balled up fists and hold on tight to the big capitalist cash bucks. And strongly encourages the inner city urban dwellers, Hip Hop gangster rappers, to keep on killing each other off because its financially profitable, and give them even more songs to sing and rap about how murderous life is in the hoods, etc. This has worked well!!!

At least for a good while, until the money starts to slow down, and big daddy seems to be bankrupt and broke too! The stock markets are saturated with an over abundance of bogus bull craps of corrupt corporations. Who cares about nobody else other than stuffing their own back pockes, filling their personal banking accounts and stock piling billions of tax dollars in secret societies remotely removed from access outside their superpower-upper class elute rulers, And as the middle class white Americans realizes they are stupid ignoramuses, only looked upon as white N…worlds, used as political puns, they are all pissed off and are trying to stage some kind of rebellion and revolution!! The way we see the foreign lands populations of the “Arab Spring” uprisings in Northern Africa and Middle East.

CONTROLLIG & DOMINATIGNE ALL MAJOR MEDIA: Thereby fright prompting the Euro-Anglo-American white man to attempt to oppress-repress-depress all growth and development in the small countries and smaller nations, islands that he fears. Calling every one against him an ‘al Qaeda” member of terrorism. And this over-reaction causes even more reactions as Karmic actions coming back against him. So he thinks by dropping big bullying bombs on people of color, blowing up their cities infrastructures is going to intimidate and silence and stop We’s & Us’s from forthcoming anima-psoter-colork.giffinancial fame and fortunes. Our real grassroots growth and developments are stationed strategically profoundly deep underground. And today’s time period is our SUNGOD’s Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening!!!


Angry-Anglo-American-Al’Qeada: Actualized: Meaning by unique definition, that terrorist White Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creatures coalitions = Corrupt Capitalist Criminal Conglomerate Crooks!!!

YES: they invented this concocted fabrication of an actual-existing enemy energy entity; then, attached it to all those retaliatory-revolutionary rebels. Inclusively, labeling leaders of radical religious groups, esp. Islamic Muslims, who strongly oppose and resist their advancing invasions, intrusions and occupations. Such specifics as immigrating-migrating members of the Euro-centric ethnic-racial-reality!

Militarily, Medically-Clinically, Food & Beverage – Building-Architectural Business Industries. Also, objecting to the huge oil refineries, mining, drilling and production companies invasions, and opposing the influx of Europeanized-Westernized-Anglo-nized lifestyles, etc., etc., etc.

After which wily rejections and dejections, experiences a depressed-repressed-oppressed state of mindset. Then the Angry-Anglo-American Alqaeda are actualized into being bogusly bias bigots and hideously hellish hostile hateful heathen hypocrites!!!

The angry Anglo-Al’Qaeda of America, are domestic homemade, homegrown terrorizing; religious-political power positions =patriotic people and persons and public populations. Expressly those who are actually participating in the two party political processed polluted poisons!!!

A PERMANENT PYSCHIC MENTAL STATE OF CRIMINAL CULPABLE GUILT: Defined to mean, that even in the face of given facts, evidences, proofs and truths, they remain steadfast, staunchly staying stuck stupidly. Still seriously, severely suffering Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes = SSSSS!

Sure signs and indications of psychosis = psychopathic patterns in the irrational and unreasonable wrongful thinking of their blighted brains. These infected mentalities are due mostly to the indoctrinations of induced: duping-bribing-brainwashing technique and mental media methods, man made, manufactured myths.

Psychoneurosis; causing degradations, degenerative genotype traits resulting from the generational psychological processing-programmed political poisons-pollutions Adversely impacting, and negatively influencing the Messenger RNA + Mitochondria DNA CODES!!!

For primary principal examples; In particular, butt, not excluding many others, the “pale face” Melanomas are cancer causing Caucasoid Caucasian creatures, concocting chemical craziness, coupled with mental insanity and inhumanity!!! They overall and in general psychotically think and believe that they are truly fighting for freedom and justice for all human beings; worldwide.

Furthermore, they irrationally reason that if anybody opposing them, their religious-political-medical-clinical-hospital policy practices, then, they are deemed to be the crazy citizens. Call nasty nose negative names as “wackos” and “psychos”; when in factual realities of truth, they are the very labels that they attack with and attach to others opposing them. They, the angry-Anglo-American Al-Qaeda, are the terrifying inferiors inflamed by their insane lack of true love for themselves and real love for all of living earthly humanity.

Multitudes of them has perverted the U.S. Flag, Red-White & Blue National Emblem. A very well deigned artful fabric, that when they fly or wave it, means only death and destruction. Civil-civilian-conflicts-criminal causes that are proved, historically until our present day, to spread pervasive-invasive sickness, unhappiness, grief, pain and suffering. Combined with notoriously known terrify torment and torture techniques. Thus intimidate, degrade and to racially discriminate against Melaninated darker shaded, toned-tanned skin pigmented people of current cultural colorations. Through forceful impositions, due to their heavy arsenal of Military-Biological-Chemical-Psychological Weaponry of Mass Media Manufactured Murders!!!


SELF-DIVIDE & SELF-CONQUEIR: Due to the single sided hemispheric use; instead of the brain’s both sides simultaneously being used. And in Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!!

BESIDES: Beliefs based on both Liberal + Conservative currencies as brain wave lengths; are basically better beneficially blessed. A unifying force of circuited connections, linking one another to common causes of native-natural sensibilities. As opposed to dividing and separating and segregating the innate ability to look at, see or perceive things from several different directions; dimensions and diverse developments.

Some are now today alleging a “Third” Independent Political Party. Which I artistically envision to be only another third head added to the two hideous existing and same System’s Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN. The exact bully bodily barbaric beast of blatant bogusly bias bigotry and Angry-Anglo-American Al’Qaeda Caucasian Caucasoid creature criminal crap!!!!

THE QUARINTY 4: Defined to also mean, North-South-East-West. Looking in all encompassing direction circumspectly, seeing in scope completely, and visually viewing all ranges consummately!

HER PRECIOUS PERFECT PYRIMID: Artistically show all of We’s & Us’s how She has patterned pathways; by Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Deigns. Four orchestrated synchronically into a unified one. Quarters collectively composed into pyramidal art forms, from our ancient ancestral authentic authority AFRICA. Expressly Egypt of antiquity’s historic KEMET. = “The Land of the Blacks”!

The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, proposes a Spiritics vs. a Politics!! A Spiritical solution instead of an anemic Political solution to problem solving.

They comprise a calmly composure of key elements: American-African-Indian, as it artfully applies to actual native indigenous inhabitants. However, let us relearn some corrected historicity and discover and know who these original human were in full fledged truths.

And I AM, here to tell y’all that they were Africa’s Africoid-Negroid HueMain beings biologically named the INITIATING ORIGINATING “RACE”!!! = Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics!!! = ya natives ya Indians, ya Africans who later had others come along, mutation members, to reunite with this parent Blackish-Bluish-Brownish Bio-Body Being.

They first were the Oriental version of Asia’s Asians Mongoloid Yellow Skins, who came back into the initiating-original tribal family folds. Producing Afroasictic, Afro Asians = Brown-Yellow Ochre Skins. The stereotypical-classical so called American Indians, or Native Americans “Red Skins”!!! And they all came from their Fathers & Mothers the BLACK SKINS!!!

NO, No no, more war parties and warlike-warlord leaderships and blind faith following fools. Never again falling for the wicked witchcrafts and sinister sorceries. And know that I’m not talking about these stereotyped images that you may have in your mind about Europeanized spiritualism of spiritualists. Nor referring to contacting-communication with or talking to the deadly deceased; whosoever, they might be? This uniquely original creative concepts in new ideas and freshened wordings; means strictly and specifically SPIRITISM = SPIRITIST = SPIRITIOUS vs. Religious!!

And at the Spirit of this present moment: The Healthy Hearty vs. Party Politics!! Yes I’m talking about how, holistically happy-healed-humored, having a healthy hearty humanity.

These Healthy Hearties are performance players. My MASTER1 Melanin Media, Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums! The courageously comprises ColorComplexTrix of SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY. = Love Sensations Spirit Sublime = impulses of thoughts + Eco Electron-Energy Entity Emotions: LoveSexRomance. Each frequency vibration of brain waves have their unique-individualized-personalized: prismatic spectral hue of the radiant rays of SUNGOD’S Love Life Light Locks!!!

YES, most of us probably by now have heard of the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Tea Party, the Green Party, so forth and so on accordingly. Each have their traditional or conventional politicians running and campaign for political positions in public offices of States & U.S. Federal Government Bodies & Branches. So be though that they are all politics instead of being Spiritics!! They likewise are all along lines of being bias Parties instead of being Healthy Hearties!!

Crystal Clean Current Cultured Slates started. Plates and platforms are now afresh Artforms. In that everything and everybody be doing things in an authentic, aesthetic and artistic approach. Talented technique that are unique, original and creative in designs, structures, composition and orchestrations. These are no longer considered companies, corporations, butt, are cooperating current cultural color complexions of our MultiplexRacialBody = energized entities that function in a cooperative manner.


About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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